8 Baby Essentials for a 7 Months Old Baby

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My boy just turned 7 months old this April 2020 and I have seen sudden changes in his behaviour.

For example, he smiles back when you smile at him. He has started lunging forward towards his mom, me and my mother.

His sleep patterns have changed, grasping power has increased and my baby suddenly prefers my wife over me these days. He has started crying when he is separated from his mom.

There are a few essentials for the baby this age.

1. Solid Food Diet Plan

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Babies generally start solid food at around six months. We feed our son three solid meals a day. It is generally a mixture of fruits like papaya, banana and pumpkin.

We have also started giving Ghiya ( Bottle gourd in english) and the baby seems to like it.

My wife has also prepared a baby cerelac mixture by mixing some rice, almonds, cereals at home. The mixture is then roasted and grinded finely.

I recommend that you do some research on which baby food to give before deciding on a diet plan.

This very popular recipe site is a good starting point.

Apart from the recipes there are many other items that you would need to be ready for when the baby starts to eat solid foods.

Here’s a list:

  • A Baby High Chair: A high chair will help you feed your baby properly and without hassles. We have a Chicco High chair and it is fantastic. We have written a detailed post about it and given the best recommendations here: Top 5 Baby High Chairs in India
  • A Blender to mash foods like bananas and papayas.
  • Baby Spoon Usually the grandparents gift a silver spoon and a Katori to the baby but I have found that the silver spoon is really isn’t very suitable for feeding because the baby leaps forward and latches on to the spoon and the hard spoon may hurt the baby sometimes so it’s better to get a silicone spoon.
  • Dish Set: Prefer a steel set to a plastic one. Steel doesn’t impart flavour to the food and is safe.
  • Bib: Get some nice bibs for your baby so that you don’t have to change his clothes every time you feed him. There will be a lot of spillages and you would want a cute bib so you can click some cute pics after the meal.
  • A sipper: Though you wouldn’t require it exactly at 6 months eventually you will require it.

2. Baby Sleeping Kit

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Baby sleep patterns will change once the baby turns six months old.

I understand that this is different for every kid but I am talking about the general trend.

Baby will sleep more at night and the first six months of erratic sleep patterns will get better.

You would want to ensure that your baby gets enough rest. You will want a list of items such as a mosquito net, good quality baby beds etc.

I have written a detailed post on baby kit for a good night sleep.

In a nutshell you will require:

  • Baby Beds
  • Baby Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Dry Sheets
  • A crib
  • Mosquito nets
  • Story Books
  • Baby Music
  • Toys

3. Child Safety

food 3245358 640 8 Baby Essentials for a 7 Months Old Baby

As your kid completes his sixth month you will start seeing changes in his behaviour.

You will need to start preparing for times when he will be crawling and walking because only when you start now you will be ready for when you really need it.

Baby proofing your house should be your number one priority

Starting at 6 months will allow you enough time to be ready when the baby walks. The perfect baby proofing list tells you exactly how to baby proof your house.

In a nutshell you should look at these babyproofing items:

  • Baby Gates
  • Electrical outlet covers
  • Bed Rails
  • Corner safety guards
  • Drawer Locks
  • Door Locks
  • Cord Shorteners
  • Furniture anchors

4. The Outdoors Kit

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I am writing this post on the 9th April 2020, when we are already 2 weeks into the covid 19 lockdown and there is nothing more I want than to take my kid out.

In the winters he was too small to go out and in the summers we haven’t been able to take him out due to the pandemic.

Anyway, you would invariably go for walks with your baby in your society, malls or in the parks.

Here are a few things that you would require:

  • Strollers: At the onset let me tell you that most stroller companies in India get their strollers manufactured in China. I am at a loss of alternatives to this situation. I have written two posts detailing the best value for money strollers in the Indian market at the moment. Luvlap strollers & R For Rabbit strollers. Both companies are Indian but they get their strollers manufactured in China. Read the above-linked posts to know the advantages that a stroller brings.
  • Baby High Chair: So you can enjoy little picnics with your baby. Make sure your high chair is portable and easy to carry.
  • Snack Cup: Babies this age can eat/drink fruits through these cups. Put in some watermelons and let the baby suck on the cup while outdoors. Keeps the baby hydrated and full.
  • Diapers: Obvious. You don’t want to be changing the baby’s pyjamas when outside. We use supples baby diapers and quite like it. There is this diaper that promises 98% water-based. I will try it once I finish this lot of diapers. ( Although we have stopped using diapers at night now because the baby has better bladder control now and does not pee as often. If he has to peer, he’d wake up and cry. He will then pee and go back to sleep.
  • Hat, Sunglasses and sunscreen if you plan to take the baby outside during the day.

5. Toys

  • Between 6 to 12 months kids are super active and lay their hands on practically anything that they can. It is important to buy age-appropriate toys for kids at all times. All toys come with a minimum age recommendation from the manufacturer.
  • Teething toys are a superhit and more of a necessity than a toy. Kids are getting new teeth and they absolutely love to chew anything including toys, shoulders, hands etc. Get them a testing toy.
  • Stacking and nesting toys
  • Shaking toys such as rattles
  • Pushing toys
  • Sorting toys
  • Make sure these toys are safe to chew on. Again Try and avoid Chinese toys.

6. Books

soft books1 8 Baby Essentials for a 7 Months Old Baby

Storybooks are a great way for you to bond with your child. Bright coloured illustrations attract child and you can read these stories loudly and with a lot of dramatic expressions to your baby.

Remember loud and more dramatic is better. Baby will laugh and enjoy.

I recommend the following baby books for this age

  • Soft Crinkle Books
  • My First Library
  • Caterpillar

7. Audio Books

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101 Panchtantra Stories

Amazon Audible is an audiobook service from Amazon that offers free audiobooks for the first month and then one audiobook each month. You can try their free trial and see if it is of interest to you.

Audiobooks are a good way to relax and something to put on while working with the baby. Try it, It’s fun (and free)

Get a free audible account here

8. Youtube Videos & Youtube Kids

Ok, first of all this is not what it seems like it is.

Your baby will love your mobile/tablet screen and will smile as soon as you put on a video but avoid the temptation.

We are in a similar situation now and our baby will smile at the mobile scree like it is his best friend. He forgets that his mom or dad are holding him.

He just wants to see the mobile.

Thankfully he does not cry when we take away the mobile.

Ok, We do not let our baby watch the mobile but I do like a couple of songs that I sometimes let him watch. These songs are: Hathi Raja Kahan Chale and Snowflakes.

The most use for you tube is when the baby wants to sleep. I have noticed that the baby recognizes music and responds well to it.

My Son’s favourite song for sleeping is Tim Tim Karte Tare.

Even if my son is fussy he will sleep 8 times out of 10 whenever we play this song.


I have compiled this list of baby essentials at seven months from my experience as a father of a seven month old baby boy.

I hope you liked this post and I invite you to comment below and tell me your stories.

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