9 Point Guide to Buying Toys For Your Child

4 2 9 Point Guide to Buying Toys For Your Child

Toys and games play a very important role in a child’s development.

We have all learnt one thing or the other from our childhood toys.

Even something as simple as a marble game teaches kids the math of how many marbles he/she has lost or won. 

Children need to play, yes, but more importantly, they need to be kept safe.

Since the kids are not in a position to make a wise decision at a young age, it is the parents’ responsibility to choose safe toys and games for kids. 

We have made a simple list that the parents to keep in mind while they are choosing Toys/games for kids.

The toys or the games that the kids’ play should not jeopardize their or their playmate’s safety or health. 

9 Rules For Buying Toys

1. Always buy Age-Appropriate Toys for Your Kids

Do not be like moms that buy a shirt that is a size too big for the kid.

The toys are not shirts and the safety of the kid is paramount.

Usually, manufacturers mention a minimum recommended age on the toys. Read before you make a decision to buy. 

2Always keep an eye out for words like ‘non -toxic’, (nontoxic), ‘flameproof’ (flame resistant), Natural and ‘fire resistant’ (flame retardant).

These are generally good signs that a toy has been made with the child’s safety in mind. 

3. Toys and Games for kids should always be bought keeping in mind the space requirements of the toy.

For example, a bicycle may not be a good choice if you live in a very crowded locality or near the highway and don’t have enough space inside the house for the kid to play.

The kids may not understand this but the Indian roads are not bicycle-friendly. 

4. Prefer Quality over Price

Well made, good quality toys require fewer repairs and are safer in comparison to their cheaper versions

5. Avoid buying toys that shoot or have to be released if you do not have an appropriate place for use

6.  Confirm the stability of toys

Toys need to be stable and

7. Do not buy toys or games for kids only because they are fashionable.

Focus more on the functionality and the educational value of the toy. 

8.  Check all the toys regularly so you know if any piece has broken or chipped.

This is especially true in case of very young children, who put their toys into the mouth.  

Broken toys can scratch or injure the child.

9. The smaller the kid, the bigger the toy should be to avoid accidental swallowing by the baby

To prevent choking hazards make sure that the toys do not have small detachable parts that can be swallowed by mistake.

We hope these tips have helped you get some perspective on how to keep your kids safe while playing. Do let us know in the comments below if you have any ideas that can help other parents. 

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