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About Me & Avi

My name is Ankit & this little cutie in my lap is my son Atharva.

I am not a professional blogger and blogging is not my primary job.

Blogging is a part time hobby.

When I became a dad, I quickly found out that being a parent is TOUGH.

My son is 15 months old today (December 2020) and he is learning new things everyday.

How Time Flies ?

Each post on my blog has been inspired by some real life event. (mine or someone I know)

You can get in touch with me here

Through this blog I write about products or issues that can make a parents’ life easier.

If you like the content on my blog do let me know or share the blog with your friends.

Read the Disclosure page here.

My other blog: I write another blog by the name of Flatooz. It is a real estate blog focused on Zirakpur and Mohali Region: Flatooz