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If you are an Indian parent you know that it is a tricky situation to be buying toys these days for your kids.

The Chinese intrusion in the Toys and Baby products segment

How can we buy Chinese toys and baby products while we are almost at war with the Chinese?

The Chinese intrusion in the Indian toys and baby products segment is so deep that I have been trying to find a baby stroller manufactured in India for the past couple of days but unfortunately I have not been able to find one.

The best compromise at this stage is buying from Indian companies that manufacture in China. For example Luvlap Strollers or r for rabbit strollers.

Same is the case with toys, baby chair’s, etc.

When I started blogging there were no other options to review since almost every other item was made in China.

The Good News

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi very recently in his monthly Mann ki baat program urged the people to buy Indian toys that focus on our traditions and culture.

Surely, these toys are not as fancy as the imported ones but I am a 100% sure these toys will instill a sense of culture and pride among the kids and as time passes better more technologically advance toys will come along.

Many Toy clusters are being set up across the country as many entrepreneurs see an immense opportunity in the Indian Toy market.

The government has made it mandatory that BIS certification is mandatory from September 1, 2020. This will ensure the safety and quality according to international standards.

Indian consumers will also benefit from this act since cheap quality toys that often use harmful chemicals will be weeded out.

What to do in the meantime ?

No government can enforce the laws unless the consumer is willing.

We must make sure that whenever we buy toys we make it a point to see the country of origin.

For example if you go to Amazon India you will find that every product has a country of origin title under product details.

In case there is no option but to buy a chinese manufactured item you should buy from Indian companies but comment on their reviews or mention it to the shop keeper that you are not happy with the fact that the product is made in China and that they should stock Indian products.

Some very good Indian Toy companies you should support:

  1. Funskool

2. Shumee

3. Skillmatics

4. Channapatna toys (prime minister Modi spoke about these toys recently)

We hope that you will support me and the Indian toy industry by insisting on Indian made products whenever you shop next.

I also hope that you will buy from the above mentioned companies because these are good quality toy makers and I have personally used their toys for my son.

Until next time Jai Hind!

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