Bajaj Flora Geyser Review

Bajaj Flora Instant Geyser Review
Bajaj Flora Instant Geyser Review

An instant geyser is very useful to people living in cold areas of the country since it provides hot water without waiting too long.

An instant geyser is ideally suited for small families of two to three people and can be used for various purposes like washing utensils, hands, or bathing.

Bajaj Flora is one of the best-selling and the most popular instant geyser in the market. This blog post details the Flora in detail for the interested reader.


Bajaj Flora geyser comes in 1 litre and 3-litre capacities. A capacity in an instant geyser indicates the rate of flow per minute. For example, a 3 Litre instant geyser will provide 3 litres of hot water per minute. 

Inner Tank

The inner tank of the Bajaj Flora geyser is made of stainless steel. The outer body is made up of ABS plastic. 

The stainless steel tank is rust-free, and so is the thermoplastic outer body for this Bajaj Flora 3L Instant water heater.


The dimensions of the 1 litre Bajaj Flora is 20.3 Cms X 20.3 Cms X 30.7 cms. 

The dimensions of the 3-litre bajaj flora are 26.5 Cms X 26.5 Cms X 44 cms.

The instant geysers are best installed in the kitchen or above washbasins, where you can easily install them.

Included in the Box 

The Bajaj Flora package will consist of a water heater unit, a warranty card, user manual, mounting accessories. 

The box will not contain Connector pipes (inlet and outlet). Usually, the installation guy brings the pipes, or you can buy one from the hardware store. The cost could be approximately 300 to 400 rupees. 

The plug top is also not provided in the box. 

Pressure capacity

Bajaj Flora geyser is capable of handling pressure upto 8 bars. Its high pressure withstanding capacity makes it ideal for high rise buildings and low rise buildings. 


Bajaj Flora is equipped with a fire retardant cable just in case of a fire. 

These cables help resist the spread of fire. 

Flora is an ISI (Indian Standards Institution) approved product and has multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating and overpressure.


Bajaj Flora comes with a two years warranty on the product and3 years on heating elements. The inner stainless steel tank comes with a five-year warranty. 


Geyser installation will for Bajaj Flora cost around 250 rupees. 


An instant geyser is ideally used for washing utensils and hands. If you want to buy a geyser for bathing, I suggest you try a storage geyser instead of an instant geyser. 

I have written a detailed blog post on The best storage geysers in India


Bajaj Flora has very good ratings and reviews on Amazon. After 16000 ratings, this geyser has a rating of 4.1 star which is a very reputed rating in my view. 

Bajaj Flora Geyser Pictures

Compare to other instant geysers

It is always a good idea to compare a product to other similar models before making a purchase. 

If you are in the market for an instant geyser, these two links below will be useful. 

Compare Bajaj Flora to similar geysers. 

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Buy Bajaj Flora geyser

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Bajaj Flora Geyser
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Bajaj Flora Geyser is a fantastic intsant geyser.

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