Bajaj geyser 3 ltr price

Bajaj is a trusted brand name in the consumer electronics category. The company has a wide range of home appliances under it’s brand.

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For this blog, we will only discuss the Bajaj geyser three ltr price of different models and their features.

Bajaj Instant GeyserPrice
Bajaj majesty 3 ltr geyser priceRs 3850
Bajaj flora geyser 3 ltr priceRs 3823
Bajaj Splendora 3 ltr geyserRs 3015
Bajaj New Majesty Instant 3 Litre geyserRs 3070
Bajaj Ivora geyserRs 3350
Bajaj Juvel water heaterRs 3089
Bajaj Verre GL geyserRs 3769
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If you are interested in the company’s product portfolio, you can check their amazon store here.

These 3-litre geysers are also known as instant geysers. You can read about the differences between an instant geyser and a storage geyser here.

An instant geyser is a perfect geyser for washing utensils, washing hands or bathing.

Bajaj instant geyser 3 ltr price

Now let us take a look at the top bajaj geyser 3 litre prices along with other features:

1. Bajaj majesty 3 ltr geyser price

Bajaj Majesty geyser Bajaj geyser 3 ltr price

The Bajaj Majesty instant geyser has a 3-litre capacity. The power input is 3000 W. (instant geysers have a higher power input than storage geysers)

This geyser is very easy to install and will start giving hot water in 5 seconds after being switched on.

You can compare this geyser with other similar geysers here: Compare Bajaj Majesty.

The price of this Bajaj geyser three ltr is a little high as compared to other similar heaters. At 3900 rupees, this heater is a little more expensive than other similar products, but this price keeps changing today, and you can get a good deal during sale days if you can wait that long. 

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2. Bajaj flora geyser 3 ltr price

61GBV1wusWL. SL1500 Bajaj geyser 3 ltr price

The Bajaj Flora geyser is the best looking and best selling instant geyser in the market.

This geyser has a massive 15,492 customer ratings at the time of writing this review blog. The current rating score is a very impressive 4.2/5.

This high rating speaks in itself for the quality and the popularity of the product.

The bajaj flora geyser comes in 1 litre and 3-litre capacities, and the power input ranges from 3 Kw to 4.5 Kw.

Bajaj Flora geyser is ideally suited for high rise buildings with a pressure rating of 6.5 bars.
You can check out more details and the Bajaj flora geyser three ltr price by clicking the button below. You can also compare this geyser with other similar items below.

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3. Bajaj Splendora 3 ltr geyser

bajaj splendora geyser Bajaj geyser 3 ltr price
Bajaj Splendora Geyser

Bajaj Splendora is a newly launched version of the famous bajaj flora geyser. The price of both the models is not very different. There are some differences in power inputs and dimensions. Some significant features of the bajaj Splendora geyser are listed below:

  • ABS outer body with SS tank
  • Copper heating element with efficient longer life
  • Suitable for 6 bar pressure
  • Unique Weldfree joint in an external metal body
  • It comes with a fire retardant cable and neon indicator for heating

You can compare this geyser and check the latest price with other similar water heaters by clicking on the link below.

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4. Bajaj New Majesty Instant 3 Litre geyser

Bajaj New Majesty Bajaj geyser 3 ltr price

Unlike the Bajaj majesty instant geyser, the Bajaj New Majesty geyser comes in 1 and 3 litres capacity.

The price difference is only 600 to 700 rupees. The company will cover the installation, but you will need to buy the pipes.

This geyser is helpful for high rise buildings and is a good value for money option. The product has a pretty good 4.2-star rating out of 5 on Amazon.

You can compare this model with other similar priced models and check the latest price of the bajaj new majesty geyser by clicking the button below.

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5. Bajaj Ivora geyser

bajaj Ivora geyser Bajaj geyser 3 ltr price
Bajaj Ivora 3 ltr geyser

Bajaj Ivora 3 ltr geyser

This geyser is pretty similar to the Bajaj Flora geyser listed above, except this is an older model.

You can check this model on  Amazon here.

6. Bajaj Juvel water heater

Bajaj Juvel Bajaj geyser 3 ltr price

The Bajaj Juvel geyser is another one of Bajaj’s bestselling instant geysers. Jul Bajaj geyser three ltr price oscillates between 3300 and 3500 rupees on Amazon.

The Juvel geyser comes in a 3 litre and 3 KW power input configuration.

The installation of the geyser is free, but the inlet and outlet pipes are not. You will have to buy these pipes.

You can compare the Juvel instant geyser to other models and check out the latest price below on Amazon.

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7. Bajaj Verre GL geyser

Bajaj Verre Geyser Bajaj geyser 3 ltr price

Bajaj Verre is a 3 litre 3 KW instant geyser from bajaj. This heater has an efficient long-life Copper Heating Element (3 kW), and a Glass-line coated Tank designed to withstand 6.5 bar pressure.

You can check the price of the Bajaj Verre instant geyser on amazon and compare it to other instant geysers on amazon below.

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Bajaj geyser three ltr price is one of the most competitive in the market, but that does not mean that it is the only option.

I recommend that if you are looking for an instant geyser, you also check out the following range of geyser from some of the other reputed brands:

  1. Havell’s instant geyser
  2. Crompton instant geyser
  3. V-Guard instant geyser
  4. AO Smith instant geyser
  5. Racold instant geyser