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A Barbie doll is every girl’s favorite piece of toy. It is also one of the most popular doll in the world and one of the most prized possession of a young girl.

Today I am going to help you buy a Barbie Doctor Set for your baby girl.

If you want to make your daughter happy a Barbie doll is the easiest way to put a smile on her face and what better than a doctor set which can educate as well as entertain.

I have read of many girls who keep their Barbie stored for years and treat it as a lifelong friend.

Some people pass their Barbie’s from one generation to the other.

Anyway, Today’s post is about the Barbie Doctor Set.

I am going to list Barbie dolls that hopefully will help you buy the best Barbie doctor set for your child:

1. Barbie Doctor Set Doll

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This Barbie doctor set doll comes with a nice green dress of a surgeon and two babies.

In this playset the Barbie is a baby doctor and Includes baby doctor environment with Barbie Baby Doctor doll, 2 adorable baby doll patients and toy play pieces for examinations and caretaking.

This piece is sometimes out of stock so do not be surprised if you click on the link below and the doll is out of stock.

This Barbie doll retails at about 1200 rupees so don’t buy it at an expensive price because sometimes Amazon shows options from USA which obviously will be higher priced.

Buy on Amazon

2. Barbie Career Nurse Doll

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Barbie career nurse doll could be your second choice if you don’t get a Barbie Doctor Doll set.

The Barbie nurse doll can easily pass off as a doctor doll if your kids don’t know it.

I mean it is kind of cheating but if you don’t get a Doctor Barbie doll and you really need one you can buy this doll.

It is an absolute lookalike of a doctor doll.

Buy on Amazon


This was a pretty short post but unfortunately in India you don’t get too many Barbie Doll doctor set and these are the only ones I could find.

If you cannot get one of the Barbie Doctor doll I have also listed a Barbie Nurse doll which you can buy as a second option.

I hope you found what you needed and thanks for reading my blog.


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