Bathla Boost 5 Step Ladder For Home- A review

Bathla 5 step ladder

Bathla is an Indian company with a history of over 50 years in Utility products for the home.

Some of the Items that Bathla specialises in are Ladders for home, ironing boards for home, Cloth drying stand, home storage solutions, Gardening accessories and kitchenware etc.

You can take a look at the Bathla product range on Amazon by clicking here: BATHLA Store on Amazon

In this blog post, we are going to talk exclusively about Bathla Ladders For home. 

Bathla is a well-known name in the ladder for the home category. The company has some of the most popular and fastest selling products, such as The Bathla 5 step ladder. 

Uses of Ladders

A five-step ladder is approximately 6 feet in height. It is ideal for most indoor uses. For example, clean your roof, reach the top shelf of the cupboard, or put up the lights on Diwali.

There are multiple uses for a Bathla 5 step ladder. It is an essential part of a household. In Villages, people used wooden ladders earlier, but now newer technologies and materials have taken over the old wooden ladders. 

New models are lighter, more stable and foldable. All these qualities make a ladder easy to use and store. 

Features of Bathla Boost 5 Step Ladders

  1. Weather-resistant: you can store these ladders outdoors without the fear of rust. The Bathla ladders are built with High grade, rustproof aluminium and Precision engineered components such as the HDPE to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. These letters are designed for use in all climates and weather conditions.
  2. All Bathla Ladders come with a five-year warranty and are built to last. The company provides a 5-Year Bathla Trust Warranty that guarantees its exceptional quality.
  3. Specially designed PVC rubber shoes at the bottom of the Bathla ladders provides exceptional stability due to their anti-skid properties. 
  4. All Bathla Ladders are equipped with proprietary Sure hinge Technology. This technology provides a stable, wobble-free Experience using Double locking pivot joints. 
  5. Bathla Ladders Come with sleep proof steps. Each step is designed with a Precision engineered edge guard to give you a study sleep free surface during use. This feature enhances the safety of the user multifold. 
  6.  Ladders are lightweight and easy to carry around.
  7.  The pricing of the Bathla Ladders is very reasonable and competitive.
  8.  Bathla Ladders come in a wide variety, and almost all of our products are highly rated by users on Amazon. The reviews speak volumes about the company’s quality and trust that the users have in the product.
  9. Bathla is an Indian company providing good quality Home improvement products so we should support and buy from such companies.
  10. All the Bathla Ladders have An extra-wide platform to stand on. A wide platform is vital because a narrow platform is not comfortable and can lead to accidents.
  11. The ladders are Easily foldable and can be stored in a small room or the gallery because it is rustproof. 

I am writing this blog because I sincerely believe that Bathla produces high-quality products, and it is a rare Indian company that delivers its promises of quality and safety.

Also, the products are pretty affordable, which makes them attractive.

There are three bathla 5 step Ladders that you can consider. I have prepared a small comparison table of all these letters to understand them better and compare them. We can also look at a more detailed comparison on Amazon by clicking here semi call Compare Bathla 5 step ladders.

Bathla Boost 5 step ladder comparison table

ItemBathla Advance Carbon LadderBathla Boost Steel LadderBathla Advance Aluminium Ladder
MaterialAluminiumAlloy SteelAluminium
Dimensions50 x 12 x 172 cm47.5 x 7.5 x 173.5 cm50 x 12 x 172 cm
Weight5825 gm11685 gm5840 gm
Height of top step3.8ft3.5ft.3.5 ft
Platform size14”x9” inches14”x9” inches14”x9” inches
Maximum wt. capacity90 kg95 kg 90 kg
ColourOrange, black, tealBlackSilver, Orange
Price (Rs)389934993799
Rating4.4/54.5/5 4.4/5
Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon
Bathla 5 step ladder comparison table

Now that you know enough about the company and the product’s qualities let now take a detailed look at some of the top bathla 5 step ladder. 

1. Bathla Advance 5-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Sure-Hinge Technology 

Bathla Advance 5-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Sure-Hinge Technology

This aluminum ladder is one of the most popular and high rated ladders in the market. It is stable, perfect height and lightweight, which makes it attractive for buyers.
It is also Amazon’s choice product.

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2. Bathla Advance Carbon – 5 Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Scratch Resistant Smart Platform and Sure-Hinge Technology (Black)

Bathla Advance Carbon 5 Step

This is quite similar to the ladder listed above. It is only about 100 rupees more expensive than the above ladder. You can compare it to other ladders by clicking below.

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3. Bathla Boost 5 Step Ladder with Anti-Slip Steps (Black)

Bathla Boost 5-Step Foldable Steel Ladder with Anti-Slip Steps (Black)

You can compare this ladder with other similar ladders on amazon by clicking on the link below.

This is a steel ladder as opposed to the aluminum ones above. It is a little heavier than the above two, but I like my ladders to be a little sturdy.

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Bathla 5 step ladder is a perfect addition to your home tool kit. There aren’t many products in the ladder category that is better than the Bathla ladders.

A ladder is a valuable addition to your home tools and is used frequently by all family members.

The ladders are not very expensive and will last a long time if stored and used correctly.
Happy buying.

Bathla 5 Step Ladder
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Bathla 5 step ladder is a perfect Made in India ladder. Sturdy and useful this ladder is priced

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