Finding India’s Best Embroidery Machine (2022)

Finding India's Best Embroidery Machine (2022)

Embroidery is the craft of decorating cloth by sewing a thread in different shapes and forms. For example, letters on a piece of cloth.

Ask any experienced sewer, and you will know that embroidery designs are a sewer’s pride.

You can do many things with the sewing machines these days, which earlier would not have been possible with the manual machines.

I mean, it was possible but not as quickly as it is now.

A good embroidery machine can help you make the design of your choice.

For example, if you wanted to write a name on a face towel earlier, you would have to do it with a manual machine, whereas now you can do it in minutes with the help of machines that have built-in alphabets, etc.

You need to choose the proper alphabet, and the machine will do the job for you in minutes.

You will need to buy a costly machine whose cost runs into many lakhs for more complex designs.

This machine is not suitable for my average reader, who is looking for an embroidery machine for their small business or home, so I will not list it here.

I will focus on embroidery machines that can be used at home and whose cost is reasonable but across a budget range, so different readers can find other machines according to their budget.

Machine Embroidery Designs

With a suitable machine, you can make a variety of designs. You will require manual skills and an advanced machine to create embroidery designs efficiently and quickly.

You can refer to this link for the most exquisite machine embroidery designs: Machine embroidery designs

Computerized Embroidery Machine

I have written a detailed blog on the Best Computerized Sewing Machine, which might interest you in finding the best computerised sewing machines that can take care of many embroidery work for you.

In this blog, I will concentrate on embroidery machines that you can use at home, including computerized sewing machines.

Computerized Embroidery Machine Price in India

Computerized Embroidery machine price in india

Let us now discuss these computerised embroidery machines one by one:

Usha Embroidery Machine

Usha is an age-old name in the Indian sewing industry, and it is also one of the most well recognized and trusted names in the industry.

It is good to know that Usha has kept up with the times, and its association with Janome, A Japanese sewing machine maker, means that the Usha Janome series has some of the most advanced sewing machines in the market.

In this section, I will discuss a Usha Embroidery machine that is a computerised embroidery machine.

Usha Embroidery Machine
Usha Embroidery Machine

Usha Janome Dream Maker is one of the best embroidery machines you can use at home.

It comes with 120 built-in stitches and alphabets and is very useful for the embroidery needs of an average home.

A beautiful machine The Usha Dream maker features an LCD screen through which you can choose the stitch type and width etc.

This machine comes with an extension table which is very useful while quilting or embroidering.

Usha Dream Maker Finding India's Best Embroidery Machine (2022)

So if you are looking for an embroidery machine that you can use at home, Usha Dream maker is one of the choices you can consider.

Usha embroidery machine price in india

You can check Usha computer embroidery machine price here:

Check Price on Amazon

Brother Embroidery Machine

Brother is a Japanese sewing machine manufacturer that produces quality sewing machines reasonably priced.

This section will discuss a Brother Embroidery Machine that is the lowest priced embroidery machine that you can get quickly in India.

Brother FS 101

Brother FS 101 with Table Finding India's Best Embroidery Machine (2022)
Brother Embroidery Machine FS 1010

FS 101 is an excellent Brother embroidery machine. It truly is Japanese excellence defined.

The FS 101 comes with an extension table and without an extension table.

I recommend the extension table option, as shown in the picture above.

This machine is perfect for fashion design students or a home business that wants to do basic embroidery on cloth.

The Brother FS 1010 comes with 100 Stitch Numbers and 55 alphanumeric stitches.

This machine is the best budget embroidery machine you can get in the market.

I highly recommend this machine if you are looking for a Brother embroidery machine for a bargain.

The FS 101 has Japanese engineering, excellent reviews, Best price, and features going for it.

I quote a customer review about the FS 101 below:

Best sewing machine in budget, easy to use and really helpful for beginners. Embroideries are really easy to make. Overall this machine is actually amazing. Review

Brother Computerized Embroidery Machine Price in India

The Brother Computerized Embroidery Machine FS101 sells for 21499 in India, and the model with an extension table costs 22499 rupees.

You can get more details and the latest price of this machine on the link below:

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Bernette Embroidery Machine

I have chosen two Bernette embroidery machines in this listnn about India’s Top Embroidery Machine.

Bernette is a brand of Bernina, a swiss company known for making premium sewing machines with durability and Swiss precision.

I highly recommend the Bernette machines because I have seen a Bernett B38 machine at work at a friend’s house, and this machine is an absolute delight.

Let us now discuss the two shortlisted Bernette machines one by one:

1. Bernette Sew & Go 8

Bernette Sew Go Sewing Machine Finding India's Best Embroidery Machine (2022)
Bernette Sew & Go 8

The Bernette sew & go 8 is the closest competitor to the Brother FS 101 machine listed above.

This machine scores big on the designs and the looks.

It also has 197 Stitch Designs Computerized Sewing Machine which is a significant improvement over the 100 of the Brother machine.

The image below is just one of the examples of the designs that you can make with this stunning machine.

Bernette Sew Go 8 Finding India's Best Embroidery Machine (2022)
Embroidery designs you can make with the Bernette Sew & Go 8

You can get more details about this machine at the link below.

I highly recommend this machine, and you can compare it to other comparable models on the link below.

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2. Bernette B38

Bernette b38 Finding India's Best Embroidery Machine (2022)
Bernette B 38

The Bernette B 38 is the most advanced embroidery machine I recommend for your home. It is a little expensive than the Usha embroidery machine listed above, but it also has more features.

This machine comes with a good hardcover and sewing quilting extension table as standard.

This machine has a massive 394 built-in stitch patterns, making it the most feature-rich embroidery machine for home in India.

The price may be a bit prohibitive for some, but you will have to pay for it if you want the best quality.

The Brother machine listed above and the Sew & go eight models from Bernette (also listed above) are great machines that you can buy at a much lower price but with less in-built stitching designs.

Some of the features of this machine are listed below:

  • Buttonholes including eyelets
  • 20 Utility stitches, including stretch stitches
  • Two darning Stitches
  • 67 Embroidery Stitches
  • 25 Quilt stitches
  • 3 Alphabet fonts, including Cyrillic
  • You can get more details about this advanced machine on the link below.

Check Price on Amazon


I hope you have found this detailed blog on some of the best embroidery machine in India useful.

I have written extensively on sewing machines, and I have found that The Brother FS101 is an excellent machine in all respects.

Add this machine to your cart today if you are in the market for a sewing machine.

Compare the rest of the machines against this model.

You will not get any better.

Feel free to comment below or share this blog with your friends and family if you liked this blog.

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