Finding the 5 Best Horizontal Geysers in India


Best Horizontal Geysers in India

To be frank I was not really aware of horizontal water geysers until I saw one in my friends’ bathroom a few days ago.

It looked very aesthetically pleasing and different that the usual vertical water geysers we are used to seeing in houses.

In this blog post I will try and find out the best horizontal geysers in India and also explore if it is really a good choice for your house.

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When to choose a Horizontal geyser?

Traditionally, you don’t get to see too many horizontally mounted geysers.

There are two main scenarios when you can choose horizontal water geysers.

A. When the ceiling height is low or you have false ceiling done in the bathroom a vertical water geyser may not be suitable because of the low height. Thus, a horizontal water geyser is suitable because it solves the problem of space. Width wise a horizontal geyser may require just 2 feet of space.

B. You can also choose a horizontal geyser because it looks aesthetically better and pleasing in a washroom.

Horizontal Vs Vertical Geyser

Now let us take a look at some of the major differences between the two types of geysers:

Vertical GeyserHorizontal Geyser
CheaperSimilar to veritcal
Looks ok Looks great
Very easy to installEasy

5 Best Horizontal geysers in India

Now, let us shortlist some of the best horizontal geysers in India

I have found the following 5 horizontal geysers to be the best options out there. i am listing them as under:

  1. AO Smith HAS
  2. Havells Monza Slim
  3. Racold Altro
  4. V-Guard Victo
  5. Usha Aqua Horizon

Now let us take a look at them in detail.

1. AO Smith

aosmith Finding the 5 Best Horizontal Geysers in India

AO Smith is one of the best water geyser companies in the market. It specializes in water geysers and heaters.

This particular geyser is one of the best models out there. It is a feature rich and value for money geyser.

This model is a quality product and scores highly on reliability and features. The model has amazing reviews and ratings.

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2. Havells Monza Slim

monza Finding the 5 Best Horizontal Geysers in India

Havell’s Monza Slim is easily the best looking horizontal water geyser on this list. Havells is an Indian company with a stellar reputation for quality and longevity.

The Monza slim comes in both horizontal and vertical configurations and you can trust this product to perform well.

You can go ahead and purchase this model because of the brand name and trust of the Havells name.

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3. Racold Altro

Racold Finding the 5 Best Horizontal Geysers in India

Racold is a household name in the world of geysers. The Racold Altro is one of the highest rated geysers in the list and is definitely a good quality product.

This geyser is also the best water geyser for hard water because it offers a corrosion resistance tank which is great for hard water.

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4. V-Guard Victo

Victo Finding the 5 Best Horizontal Geysers in India

V-Guard is a very good value for money brand and this horizontal geyser is a great option for the users.

This is also the number one selling horizontal water purifier in India. This is definitely one of Best Horizontal Geysers in India.

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5. Usha Aqua Horizon

Usha Aqua Finding the 5 Best Horizontal Geysers in India

Usha Aqua Horizon is a great water geyser for your home because it offers good valur for money.

The thing I don’t like about this model though is that it is only 3 star rated and less energy efficient as compared to some other great geysers on this list.

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Comparison Table of the Best Horizontal Geysers in India


After studying many models of the horizontal geysers I have come to the conclusion that Havells and AO Smith models are the best horizontal geysers in India.

V guard Victo listed above is the best for budget and value for money customers.

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