Super list of 10 Best Tailor Machines in India (2022)

Super list of 10 Best Tailor Machine in India (2022)
10 Best Tailor Machines in India (2022)

What is a Tailor Machine?

Tailor machine is Indian slang for a sewing machine, and it is nothing but a simple sewing machine.

Traditionally, people use this term for a manual sewing machine like the picture below. Still, many other modern models are listed in this blog post called tailoring machines.

A tailor machine can also be a sewing machine that a tailor uses in their shops. After all, there are a lot of tailors in our country, and they have their own terminology for a sewing machine.

Who uses a Tailor Machine?

The following people or professionals use a tailor machine:

  1. Housewives
  2. Fashion designers
  3. Fashion designing students
  4. Tailors
  5. Boutique owners
  6. Sewing hobby enthusiasts
  7. Businesses

So if you are one of the above, this post is aimed directly at you! At the end of this blog post, you will be able to find the best tailor machine for your needs and budget.

Tailor Machine Price

Listed below is a Tailor machine price list as of today. Please note that these prices may change from day to day so you can click on the check price link to get the latest rate.

ModelPriceCheck Price
1. Singer Magna3288Check Price
2. Singer Tailor Deluxe3390Check Price
3. LUXMI Family5380Check Price
4. Guru Special3299Check Price
5. Usha Janome Dream Stitch9290Check Price
6. Brother GS 370014495Check Price
7. Singer Promise8999Check Price
8. Bernette Sew & Go 512989Check Price
9. Bernette Sew & Go 311489Check Price
10. Usha Janome Allure13299Check Price
Tailor Machine Price in India

The 10 Best Tailor Machine in India

Let us now get directly to the point and find out more about the best tailor machines in India. Below are some of the top tailor machine models that I could find on the Internet.

I have been writing regularly about sewing machines, and I can say that I consider myself to be a sort of a semi-expert in this niche.

I have taken into account different needs while choosing these machines:

  1. I understand that many people are just looking for a manual sewing machine like the traditional ones, so I have listed four classic machines in this list for businessmen like tailors who might be looking for a conventional machine.
  2. I have listed six other modern automatic machines that will interest fashion designers, fashion designing students, and tailors who want a reliable machine that will make their work much more manageable.

Here is a list of the best Tailor machines in India:

  1. Singer Magna
  2. Singer Tailor Deluxe
  3. LuxmiI FamilySewing Machine
  4. Guru Special
  5. Usha Janome Dream Stitch
  6. Brother GS
  7. Singer Promise
  8. Bernette Sew & Go 5
  9. Bernette Sew & Go 3
  10. Usha Janome Allure DLX Electric Sewing


1. Singer Magna

Singer Magna

The singer is a reputed brand in sewing machines, and the Singer Magna is a suitable model in terms of quality.

This machine does not come with a board or a stand, and you will have to purchase those separately.

The reviews for this machine are mixed, and you may want to consider other options besides this machine.

The good part about this machine is that it is a good brand and the price is fantastic, but one thing that the company could have improved was that this machine could have come with a foot pedal and a stand.

Also, many tailors I spoke to were of mixed opinions, but everyone has their different views.

2. Singer Tailor Deluxe

Singer Tailor Deluxe

Singer tailor deluxe is a much better, slightly expensive model than the Singer Magna listed above.

This machine comes with a stand and a cover. This machine has some good reviews from the user and some bad.

If you are looking at a manual sewing machine, you can look at the singer tailor deluxe and a couple of other machines.

You can compare this machine to some other similar models on the link below.

3. Luxmi Family Seing Machine

Luxmi Sewing Machine

Luxmi has been manufacturing sewing machines since 1949, and I can personally vouch for the quality of these machines.

This Luxmi sewing machine again comes with a stand and a cover.

Luxmi makes some good machines, and I have had previous experience with a Luxmi machine.

We had a Luxmi machine at our home, and we still do.

Luxmi makes solid machines, and you can rest assured that the quality of these machines will be good.

Like I said with the earlier two models, I recommend you compare this machine to other comparable models on the link below.

4. Guru Special

Guru Special Sewing Machine

This Guru machine is another good option you can consider if you are looking for a tailoring machine.

I don’t recommend that you buy manual sewing machines.

I would much rather have you buy an automatic machine which although a bit expensive in the begining will save you a lot of time and worries.

You can find more details about this guru machine and compare it to other similar models listed above on the link below.

5. Usha Janome Dream Stitch

Usha Janome Dream Stitch

Usha Janome Dream stitch is a perfect tailor machine for a tailor shop.

I say this because this machine can easily do the work of five manual machines and can help any tailoring business a lot of time and money.

This machine is an automatic zig-zag sewing machine with a compact free arm.

It has seven inbuilt stitches and 14 stitch functions that you can use easily. In the case of a manual machine, these stitches would require skills and time to make.

An automatic machine like the Usha Janome 

I have written a detailed review about this particular sewing machine which you can read here: Usha Janome Dream Stitch Sewing Machine.

You can compare this machine to other similar machines on the link below.

6. Brother GS 3700

Brother Tailor Machine

Brother is a Japanese company that is known for delivering quality sewing machines.
Brother GS 3700 is a fantastic sewing machine with excellent reviews and ratings.

This machine is perfect for a tailoring shop because it offers so many features at such a great price.

The Brother GS 3700 is a perfect machine for a boutique for fashion designing students.

This machine is an electric sewing machine with 71 stitch functions with 37 stitches and a LED light.

You can get more details at the link below.

7. Singer Promise

Singer Promise

Singer’s promise is a comparable model to the Usha Janome sewing machine listed at number 5 on this list about the best tailor machines.

The Singer Promise is amazon’s choice product, and Amazon’s choice is a tag given to highly rated and well-priced products.

This machine has an excellent rating of 4.3 after more than 2400 reviews, which shows that this is a pretty popular product.

If you want to set up a tailoring shop or a boutique, this Singer machine is an excellent value for money buy and a much better option than a manual sewing machine.

You can compare this model to other similar models on the link below.

8. Bernette Sew & Go 5

Bernette Sew & Go 5

Bernette is a fantastic sewing machine from Bernina.

Bernina is a 125-year-old company based in Severne, Switzerland, and has a rich history of producing premium sewing machines.

I have listed a couple of sewing machines from Bernette in my Best Sewing Machine in India list.

The Bernette Sew & go has 23 In-Built Stitches and 60 stitch functions perfect for a tailoring shop.

These built stitches will help in offering different services to your clients.

The Bernette sew & go 5 is a good machine for a tailoring shop or a boutique. You can compare this machine to other comparable devices on the link below.

9. Bernette Sew & Go 3

Bernette Sew & Go 3

Bernette Sew & Go 3 is a similar machine to the sew & Go 5 listed above but for minor differences.

You can compare the two machines on the link below.

10. Usha Janome Allure

Usha Janome Allure

Usha Janome Allure is another perfect tailor machine. This machine has 13 built-in stitches including a buttonhole stitch.

This machine can be used for various purposes like stretch stitching, button fixing, rolled hemming, satin stitch, zip fixing, and smocking.

If you are a businessman or woman just imagine the flexibility that a machine such as this will bring to your business.

You will save massively on human resources with an advanced machine.

Take a look at this machine on the link below.


In this detailed blog post, I have tried to list the best tailor machines available in India.

I recommend that if you can you should buy an automatic sewing machine instead of a manual one because it will save you a lot of money and time on human resources.

You will also be able to offer more services to your clients.

If you don’t have the budget then a manual sewing machine might be the way to go but in the longer term, you will realize that an automatic machine is much better and that one automatic machine can give the value of 3 sewing machines or maybe more.

I have written a detailed blog on automatic sewing machines which you can read for a better understanding of more advanced but expensive machines.

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