Board Games For Family

Taboo Board Games For Family

Board games are a great way to spend time together with your family.

A board game packs in a lot of fun, laughter and learning in the box it comes in.

Even more important is that board games help families bond and have a great time together.

No matter what your age is, you must have played a board game at least once in your life. If not then there’s no time like the present. ☺

Board games have a long history behind them.

The earliest games can be traced back to as early as 3500 BC. 

The game Senet, must have been so dear to the Egyptians that they were buried with it.

Similarly, Liubo which originated in china is also a very old game. 

The cross cultural timeless appeal of these games can only point to one thing.

Board games were and important part of cultures across the world and still are.

Every country has one or another form of local board games. Even within a country or region there are local games. 

Let us try and understand in this post as to why board games are so popular.

Low Price Makes it Accessible

Board games are inexpensive and do not break your bank.

As opposed to modern day gaming equipment like video games, these games do not cost 30 and and 40 thousand for each remote.

In fact, in some cases, the cost of a game may be less than the new video game that just released.

This accessibility makes these games available to a wide range of people.

Portability Allows For Easy Movement

Board games can be packed inside your backpack and taken along wherever you go.

Be it a family trip to the mountains or the beach.

If you are traveling in a train you can take out the board game and just start playing. Board games do not require TV screens, fancy gadgets or any electrical connectivity. 

Multiplayer Modes Make It Fun 

Be it a group of children, adults or a mix of both, it is always fun.

Most of our memories associated with the board games are of the tie when the whole family was together or when we played the game in a train while on our way to a holiday.  

Social Interactions Makes it Emotional

When we play board games we interact with the fellow participants. We communicate and laugh along with everyone.

This teaches kids valuable social skills and improves bonding among adults.

The time spent playing these games give us a chance to socialise which we sometimes miss during our busy schedules.  

Wide Range of Games Available

These games are available in many categories and there is one available for every taste.

There are games for strategy, family, businesses, money, civilisations and wars etc.

This wide range of games makes it appealing to a wide range of audience.

There are many types of games and most of these are based on either luck, strategy, knowledge or a combination of all three. 

Intellectual Stimulation

These games involve a lot of thinking and strategizing. This develops thinking and problem solving skills in kids.
An occasional dose of Intellectual stimulation is important.  

Longevity Helps

Board games last a long time if cared for properly.

Sometimes, the board games are handed over from one generation to the next.

Family gets attached to these board games due to sentimental reasons and many people have great memories of the games they played together as a family.  

Loads of Laughter

Playing games is always accompanied by loads of laughter, fun and frolic. These fun moments are alone worth all the money in the world, isn’t it?

Besides this, such games teach the kids many basic skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

For example monopoly can teach kids about money management and simple math. 

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