Children’s garden- A great idea

girl wearing white floral dress beside grass plant at 1134062 Children's garden- A great idea

Children’s garden are a fantastic idea. You should definitely consider setting one up for your kids if you have space.

Even if you don’t, a rooftop garden or one in your balcony might just be enough.

Have you ever eaten a perfectly fresh and healthy cucumber that you grew yourself in your garden?  Yes?

Then you know exactly the feeling we are talking about. Don’t you want your kids to enjoy the same feeling ?

It is a strange feeling of pride and worth.

There is few better feeling in the world. 

In this post we are going to talk about why should encourage your kids to head out to the garden and get their hands dirty in the soil. 

Studies show that when children come in contact with the soil during digging and planting, their moods improve, anxiety decreases and learning experience improves.

Children’s garden are a magical. Children are natural gardeners, they like dirt, not afraid to get their hands dirty and learn by doing. 

Gardening is an excellent open ended activity that teaches the kids many valuable lessons. 

  1. Healthy Food habits and Lifestyle

Children’s garden teach the importance of eating and growing healthy food and healthy lifestyle.

While growing food in the backyard usage of pesticides etc. should be avoided.

Kids should b taught the difference between Organic and Non Organic foods.

The kids should also be taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy foods.  

  1. Environmental Awareness

Children are sensitive souls. They gather information from various sources.

If the parents can teach them about the importance of environment while gardening, the children will grow up to be environment friendly citizens.

Moreover, they’ll tell their friends about it.

Your children’s garden could inspire other parents to create one in their homes.

This is very important in times such as today when global warming is one of the most pressing issues for the world.

  1. Learning Science

A variety of scientific concepts can be taught to the kids in the garden. You won’t need to do anything.

The naturally curious child mind will by itself start asking you a variety of questions.

You just need to be prepared for the grilling. We are big advocates of learning by doing. You can look up our post about simple toys that teach science. 

  1. Physical Activity

Gardening involves some amount of digging, using tools and lifting to prepare the vegetable bed and plant seeds.

After the initial effort constant care I some cases may be needed. This physical activity is good for the kids.

It will work up their appetite and make them hungry. They will feel satisfied with their efforts. Physical labour makes the children physically strong and confident.

  1. Patience and Happiness

Two very important qualities that gardening teaches the kids are patience and happiness.

From the time the seeds are planted, to the time the plant finally bears fruit a kid has to take care of the plant.

When the fruit/veggies are picked the expression on the face of the kid says it all. They are not just happy but proud.

These qualities can be permanently imbibed in the children by explaining to them that the concepts learned in gardening apply in real life too.  

  1. Using tools

Gardening is a manual job and requires the children to use small hand held garden tools.

This is important first time experience of using tools for many kids. Learning to use tools not only improves motor skills but also increases the confidence of the child.  

Besides having a small children’s garden, you can also plant a fruit tree (if you have the space) and make your child the guardian of the tree.

I hope you will we enthused after reading this article and will help your kids in the garden.

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