Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

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Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

Christmas/new year is the time when we all are in the festive spirit and gifts are exchanged.

Children specially are very excited about this time of the year since they receive gifts from almost everyone in the family. 

Christmas is as much about the gifts under the Christmas tree as it is about family, love and food.

So to make it a perfect Christmas it is important that we do our research on all the aspects.

Frankly speaking the gesture is more important than the gift itself.

A little thought can make the gift extra special for the family member, a cell phone that your dad likes but cannot buy or a necklace that your mom wanted last Christmas. 

It’s always a good idea to do some reading before you buy gifts for your loved ones.

In this article we are going to list some of the best gifts you can give to the family.

We know how busy a time Christmas is, so just sit back relax and read the article.

We have it covered.  We are listing the best gifts ideas for your whole family so you don’t have to go anywhere else. 

Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents are cute. Aren’t they?

They deserve to be treated to gifts too. We should cherish every moment that we spend with them.

Grandparents like to spoil kids all the time. It does not even have to be Christmas for them to secretly buy the grandkids a gift.

This Christmas make your grandparents/parents feel special. We are going to list some Christmas gift ideas especially for the grandparents. 

  1. Golf Cart

For those of you whose granddad loves to golf along with his buddies, this is a great gift idea. 

Golf carts come in a variety of frames (steel, aluminium etc.) and make it easy for granddad to carry his clubs and bag around the golf course.

The golf carts come with a lot of features and can hold drinks, umbrellas and bags/valuables.

These carts have plenty of compartments for the granddad to put his keys into. Take a look at a variety of Golf carts here.

  1. Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are a great idea as a Christmas gift for grandpa.

We know that some people are fishing enthusiasts and love to fish over the weekend with the friends.

Maybe your grandfather does not go out much for fishing now and maybe your gift will give him just the right dose of inspiration to start fishing again.

Look for some great fishing rods here.

  1. Table top Radio Sets

Look at these little beauties. These neat looking radio sets will be a definite hit with grandparents.

We suggest that you choose a radio with the retro look and feel.

Some of these radios have been designed for senior citizens especially those that suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Memory loss or visual impairment. 

These radio sets are quite big in size and are thus hard to misplace. Read the reviews and make a decision.

This will surely be a hit with that special senior citizen in your life. 

  1. Photo Calendars

We believe this is the cutest Christmas gift for the granddads.

Photo calendars are utilitarian and help the grandparents remember good family times. 

During Christmas you can get great deals and discounts on good quality photo calendars. For good quality photo calendars you can see here.    

  1. TV Sets

We all love to watch TV, grandparents especially so.

They spend a lot of time watching TV and sometimes stick onto their old TV sets for a long time.

It is time for them to upgrade to a new TV.

Get a TV that has a webcam, so that the grandfather could easily Skype with the grand kids on a bigger screen.

It is a gift for you as much as for the granddad. Make sure that you do the initial setup of the TV yourself.

You don’t want to leave the technical part for the grandpa to figure out. You can take a look at some of the latest and the best television sets here.

  1. Amazon Kindle

Grandparents love to read.

We can go on and on about how you can gift books to your grandparents.

Introduce your grandparents to kindle and teach them how to buy books from the store.

Some may not like reading on the kindle but we are sure some will be thrilled.

Teach them the basics and they’ll be all set to read. 

  1. Recliner

A good quality recliner is the perfect addition to your grandparent’s living room.

They can watch TV, read books or just relax while sitting on the recliner.

It is comfortable, classy and a perfect way to say thanks you or merry Christmas to the grandpa.

A recliner will make sure your grandparents have a comfortable seating while watching TV.  

  1. Personalised gifts

To make it more personal and special you can buy personalized gifts for your grandparents.

The gift itself could be anything but the thought behind it is what matters the most.

You can look at some very interesting and unique gifts right here.

Amazon Gift Card in a White Gift Box (Classic White Card Design)

Well, if you still can’t figure out what you want from the above, we will make it very easy for you.

You can simply buy Amazon gift cards of a certain value and can gift it to the grandparents.

While this may not be a personalised, it certainly is convenient if you are in doubt.

Once you’ve given the gift card to Grandpa, you can then buy for him whatever he likes.   

  1. Get your kids to make something for her, a card 

We often underestimate the power of personalisation.

No gifts can replace the joy that a handmade gift can give to the grandmother.

Maybe, you can get your kids to make a Christmas card and you can help them.

Maybe you can knit her a sweater for the winters. Grandma will be a happy old lady when she sees a hand-made card by her grandkids.

You just need to put the idea into the minds of the kids. They will be more than happy to do it. 

  1. Photo calendar of the family

Buy her a beautiful photo calendar so that she can look at the faces of the family every time she checks the calendar.

Maybe you can buy her even a digital one with a bright screen and a clear display.

Christmas gifts are all about the family and a neat little photo calendar will do just that for the grandma.

You can find some good quality photo calendars here. 

  1. Perfume

Perfumes are always a safe gift that everyone likes.

Your grandma will definitely like that nice bottle of perfume because everyone likes to smell nice.

However, whenever you gift a perfume it has to be of a good quality otherwise it may leave a bad taste in the mouth for some.

You need to find out what your grandma normally wears for perfume, does she have any allergies etc.? You can buy some good quality perfumes here for your grandma. 

  1. Kitchen Equipment like an air fryer or a cold press juicer

 Gift your grandmother these healthy cooking tools and she will love it. An air fryer and a cold press juicer are just an example.

You can think of any kitchen equipment that will make grandma eat and drink healthy with less effort.

These equipment will not only help grandma but also grandpa.

You can teach them how these equipment work over the Christmas holidays where maybe you can make some nice juice for the whole family or maybe some nice fries, eh? You can look at some kitchen equipment right here. 

  1. Perfumed candles

Perfumed candles will make any house smell divine.

Take a few and lit them during the holidays in your grandma’s home.

She will bless you. Buy some nice ones with a personalised message if you can.

Get some oriental or Indian scented candles or a mix of different ones.

Even when you are gone after the holidays, every time your grandma lights up the candle, she will remember and bless you.

Parents Gifts for Christmas

Gifts for Mom

No Christmas gifts you buy can ever compensate what you mom does for you.

However, Christmas is a good time to appreciate mom for all those years of her hard work on us.

We should choose the best of Christmas gifts for her because no one truly deserves it more than her. 

  1. Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is a great Christmas gift for mom and home.

A cupboard, A Bed or even a showpiece will add class to your mother’s living room.

Antique furniture need not necessarily be expensive.

There are various classes of antique furniture and if you find hard enough you’ll surely get a bargain.

  1. Jewellery

Since it is festival time, a lot of Christmas deals on antique furniture can be expected.

You can take a look at some of the antique furniture here. 

Nothing says thank you better than a nice piece of jewellery to mom.

Try and find a piece that does not break your bank but is still classy and nice.

You can buy her a pendant, a necklace or even a pair of nice earrings. You don’t have to buy super expensive items, Take a look at some amazing pieces of jewellery here.

You’ll love it. 

  1. Hand Bags

If you are thinking of buying a handbag for your mom then it is definitely a good decision.

You can never go wrong with a hand bag as a Christmas gift. Make sure that buy a good quality hand bag, wallet or a shoulder bag.

Don’t be stingy :).

You can look at some really cool hand bags we like here.

  1. Shoes

Ever heard of Cinderella? Well you may not find the magic shoe for your mother this Christmas, but with a charming pair of shoes, she’ll surely feel like one.

Choose the type of shoes you want to buy for her and then know her size.

Buy her a good quality pair of the best shoes you can find. After all Christmas comes but once a year.

Take a look at some of the shoes we like here

  1. Painting

Buying art is not that difficult unless you are buying a super expensive Monet or Andy Warhol.

You can take a look at some amazing art online and decide on which painting to buy.

Believe it or not but you can get real decent art online.  A nice classy painting will certainly light up the room where it is hanged.

The painting also comes in various shapes and sizes.

You can look at some amazing paintings for your mom’s living room right here.

  1. Massage Chair

A massage chair as a Christmas gift for mom is a little out of the box isn’t it? Well, she works very hard to keep everyone in the house happy.

A nice massage at the end of the day won’t hurt anyone. Plus what’s more is that it just isn’t for the mom.

Anyone in the house can sit down in the chair and enjoy a nice massage. Shiatsu massage and Kahuna massage chairs are easily available and come in a variety of colours and sizes.

The massage chairs use vibration, heat and squeeze to give you a great experience.

These chairs come with a decent 3 year warranty. You can see some nice massage chairs here.

  1. Wine for Christmas

Wine and Christmas have an inseparable connection. 

Buy a nice bottle/pack of red wine this Christmas for your mom. You can open it at the dinner time for all to enjoy.

To make sure  that the wine you are buying is a nice one and no nasty surprises turn up at the dinner, buy wines that are well rated by other buyers.

In other case you may also look to buy a couple of bottles of champagne, if money is not a concern.

Champagne may be a bit costly but a bottle of Dom will certainly make it a Christmas to remember.

You can take a look at some nice wines here and champagnes here

If you are still undecided about what to buy for your mom, buy her a gift card. 

Make it of a value that can comfortably buy a good gift for mom. Personalised gifts are always better but a gift card serves the purpose just fine.

You can buy amazon gift cards for your mom here. 

Gifts for Dad

Christmas comes but once a year. Why should we leave dad out of the gifts list?

There is nothing in this world that a dad won’t do for his kids.

Santa believes dads too deserve a gift for Christmas.  Well, let’s see what can we gift our dads.

We need to ask a few questions before thinking what to get for him. IS he an outdoors man? Does he like reading? Is he comfortable with using the latest gadgets?

Well, the answer to all these questions differs from case to case but we will try and list the most popular gift ideas for him here. Take your pick.

  1. Good Quality Sunglasses

This Christmas buy your dad a pair of sunglasses as a gift and both of you will be happy.

The sunglasses serve two purposes. They make him look dashing and protect his eyes from sunrays in the summers.

Make sure you buy him a good quality pair though. You can take a look at some nice sunglasses here. 

  1. Good Quality Pen

Nothing says class more than a nice pen. Buy your dad a nice pen that he can use in his office or for his personal writings.

This is a time tested gift that has always been liked by dads

  1. Coffee Machine

How does your dad like his coffee? Now with his very own coffee machine he can find his perfect cuppa.

Get him a coffee machine and he will love it.  Beer or coffee, your dad’s got to like one of these.

Find him the right coffee machine or the right brewing kit and make this Christmas memorable for him.

  1. Barbeque Grill

This is a gift not just for the dad but for the whole family.

Get a barbeque delivered at his home before Christmas and use it over the holidays for cooking some perfect sausages and veggies. It is a perfect gift for the holidays.

You can get a grill that is operated by gas, electricity or even coal.

Choose your pick of christmas gifts here. 

  1. Suitcase/Briefcase

Does your dad travel a lot? Or you think he needs a nice briefcase to go to the office.

Well, it’s certainly one of the most popular gifts to give to your dad. Buy a leather bag in brown or black colour that looks classy.

Your dad will make quite an impression when he carries around the stylish bag. 

Find some nice briefcases here.   

  1. Shaving Kit

This one is our personal favourite.

Every man has a special attachment to his shaving kit.

If your dad needs a new shaving kit or needs an upgrade, you can find some really amazing shaving kits here.

We certainly think this makes for an amazing gift for dad. 

  1. Wrist Watch

Gifting a watch to your dad is a perfect gift.

Unless, he does not wear a watch, there is little chance that he won’t like a watch as a gift.

Whenever you buy a watch try and personalize it if you can.

If it turns out to be expensive, then add a handwritten note with the watch.

Find some really nice and interesting watches here and here.  

We hope you liked this blog about christmas gifts.

Let us know your comments in the space below.

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