A Detailed Guide to Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India (2022)

Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India (2022)
Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India (2022)

A computerized machine is a portable machine with different stitching modes to create delicate designs with accuracy and neatness.

This sewing machine has inbuilt stitching modes and an LCD through which you can choose the stitching mode of your choice.

A computerized sewing machine can help create beautiful stitches and embroidery in no time.

You can opt for an automated machine if you are a keen sewer who enjoys sewing.

Any experienced sewer will tell you that creating complex embroidery designs takes a lot of time and effort.

A computerized machine is a perfect solution to your embroidery and quilting needs.

You can also gift this sewing machine to a beginner because they won’t have to work too hard on it, and you won’t have to replace it as the expertise level increases.

Computerized sewing machine price India

Brother FS 10121850
Bernette Sew & Go 823990
Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 3534170
Bernette b3838989
Singer HD6600101530
Computerized sewing machine price India

I have chosen a couple of sewing machines that qualify as the best computerised sewing machine in India:

1. Brother computerized sewing machine

1.1 Brother FS 101 computerized sewing machine

Brother FS 101 Computerized Sewing Machine A Detailed Guide to Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India (2022)
Brother FS 101

The Brother FS 101 is one of India’s best sewing machines available currently, and it has a built-in needle threader that is very useful.

This machine has 100 Stitch Numbers and 55 alphanumeric stitches that you can choose just with the press of a button.

You can increase or decrease the width of the stitch according to the cloth etc.

Here is a video of how this computerised sewing machine works, and this is the same process for all similar machines listed below.

Brothe FS 101 Demo Video

Brother FS 101 is one of the most value for money machine that you can trust. Brother is a japanese company known for producing good quality sewing macihnes.

One negative I do think could have been improved about the machine was the dull look. I wish this machine was more colorful like some other machines.

You can get more details about this sewing machine on the link below.

More Details on Amazon

2. Bernette

Bernette is a swiss design machine made by BERNINA Textile Group. The Bernina textile company has its headquarters in Steckborn, Switzerland.

Bernina has more than 125 years in manufacturing sewing and embroidery systems.

Swiss sewing machines, just like swiss watches and swiss chocolate, are the best in the world, and that is why I am going to choose two sewing machines from Bernette in this list.

These machines have also been featured in the best sewing machine in India blog.

2.1 Sew & Go 8

Bernette Sew Go Sewing Machine A Detailed Guide to Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India (2022)
Bernette Sew & Go 8

Bernette Sew and go 8 is a beautiful looking computerised sewing machine from Bernette. It has 197 inbuilt stitch designs that help in designing a wide range of stitches.

This machine has an auto threader and an LCD: Both are valuable features for a sewer.

This model is perhaps the top machine in its category and price. I would recommend this machine over the brother machine listed above mainly because the price difference is not too significant and features are better in this machine.

You can compare both the machines on the link given below.

More Details on Amazon

2.2 Bernette B38

Bernette b38 A Detailed Guide to Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India (2022)
Bernette B38 Computerised sewing machine

Bernette B 38 is a top of the line computerised sewing machine from Bernette. If budget is not a concern for you, you don’t need to look at another device.

The B 38 comes with a massive 394 stitch design, perfect for a professional. If you are a fashion designer or run a boutique, think of the value you can offer your clients with this machine.

B 38 comes with a hardcover and sewing quilting extension table as standard. The main difference between the sew and go 8 and the b 38 is double the number of stitches, hardcover and extension table; otherwise, the two machines are pretty similar.

Both these machines are perfect for quilting and embroidery.

The only negative about this machine is the price. At 38000 rupees this machine is quite expensive for a lot of people.

I recommend that you buy this machine if you are a professional who has a tailoring business or is looking to start a business. In that case, this machine is worth its weight in gold.

If you are not planning to start a business, you can look at other cheaper models listed in this blog.

More Details on Amazon

3. Usha Janome computerized sewing machine price

Usha and Janome are two different companies.

Usha is an Indian company, and Janome is a Japanese company. Usha Janome is a collaboration between Usha and Janome where Usha seels the Janome machines in the Indian Markets.

The Janome machines are made in Japan by Janome and are sold in India by Usha.

Both the companies are masters in their trade, and the result are Usha Janome sewing machines.

3.1 Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 35

Usha Janoeme dream maker A Detailed Guide to Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India (2022)
Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 35

Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 35 is a good sewing machine with great reviews.

This machine is good and not great because compared to the 394 inbuilt stitches of the Bernette B 38 machine listed above, this machine has only 120 inbuilt stitches, so it is not great value for money. 

All the other parameters are more or less the same, and you don’t need to worry about the quality of this machine. It is top class.

I am speaking purely from an investment point of view. If I can get more than 3.5 times the number of stitches in the Bernette B 38 for only a few thousand more, I would choose it rather than the Usha Dream maker.

It is crucial to understand that every person has their preference and impressions of a brand.

I am a big fan of the Usha Sewing machines, and I highly recommend them. I have even listed them in my Best Sewing Machines master list.

You can get more details about the Usha Janome Dream maker on the link below, where you can also compare the two machines.

More Details on Amazon

4. Singer Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 1 A Detailed Guide to Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India (2022)
Singer Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer computerised sewing machine is an expensive, heavy-duty sewing machine. It has inbuilt utility stitches, buttonholes, satin stitches, quilting and heirloom, decorative, and multiple other stitches.

This machine can sew on any material, and it is designed with a metal frame built to last.

You can get more details on the link below, but I would recommend that this machine is only for users looking to use a sewing machine as a source of business.

In my opinion, It is too expensive for tailoring shops, boutiques, or homes.

More Details on Amazon

Mechanical vs Computerized Sewing Machine

Can sew alphabetsYesYes
Ease of useDifficult to useEasy to use
PriceCheaperExpensive than manual
Electiricty requiredNoYes
In Built StitchesNoLoads of in built stitches
Mechanical vs computerized sewing machine

Who’s this machine for?

A computerised sewing machine is perfect for the following users:

  1. Fashion designers
  2. Fashion designing student
  3. Expert sewers
  4. Tailor shops
  5. Boutique shops
  6. Quilting
  7. Embroidery

Because a computerised machine has so many inbuilt stitches, it takes the users sewing capabilities out of the question.

In a manual machine, the sewers skills are used, but a lot of time is required to gain and execute those skills.

So if you are a business owner, you should go for a computerised sewing machine.


I hope this detailed blog has given you good information on computerised sewing machines. Among all the devices listed above, my favorite machine is the Bernette B 38.

A sewing machine is a household product that will last you generations. If you want to invest in a suitable machine, it will provide great value over its lifetime.

If you like this review, kindly feel free to share it with your friends and family. You can also leave a comment below to let me know if I missed something.


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