Dog games for your pet

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Dog games for your puppies.

This post is strictly for Dog parents. 🙂

Does your dog love to chew on socks, shoes, pillows or any other thing it can lay its teeth on?

Do your socks or shoes mysteriously disappear only to be found after a few days all chewed up?

Worry not, I write about some dog games that will keep your naughty puppy happy and your shoes safe.

I know the bittersweet feeling when you come home to find pieces of your favourite sweater all over the floor.

Your heart sinks at the sight but at the same time you smile on the inside.

I am a dog lovers myself and I understand how it goes. ☺

I don’t know if this will work, but you can try distracting the puppies with these dog games we think are awesome.

These games will hopefully keep your puppy engaged and his energy and chewing routine will be spent on these poor toys rather than your valuables.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Hand Made Cotton Chew able

This 100 % cotton rope serves two purposes, this is chewable rope which massages dogs teeth and gums and it can be used to play fetch.

No artificial colours are added which makes this rope a good chewable toy choice. 

  1. Rubber Spike Ball

This spiked rubber ball is durable, functional and value for money.

The reviews on this ball are fantastic which is a testament to the quality and the usefulness of this dog toy.

Your puppy will love this chewable spiked ball because of its texture

Worry not this ball will last a long time even if you have a big dog. ( Hulk Dogs excluded :))

  1. Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy – Medium, Black

Is your dog a strong chewer? This is the perfect toy for your pet puppy. Dog toys often get destroyed in days but the reviews for this product says it is quite resilient even in the face of sharpest of teeth. This seems like just the answer to your naughty puppy’s constant urge to chew.

  1. Trixie Latex Bird Dog Toy

Your puppy will love this toy.

The quality is good and the reviews for this product are awesome.

This toy is good for chewing and for playing fetch.

Make sure to clean these Dog toys regularly if not daily for the safety and hygiene of your loved pet.

We hope you’ve liked this post about dog toys, you can leave your comments below if you have any feedback or experiences with dog toys of your own. 

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