Dogs and Children – A match made in Heaven.

girl and puppy sitting on green grass surrounded with shrubs 193035 min Dogs and Children – A match made in Heaven.

Since most of our readers are young parents with young families I think a post about Dogs and Children will be useful.

Also, I love dogs and wanted to write about how wonderful it is to have one around a kid. This blog post is not about toys but about pets.

It is common knowledge that Dogs and Children are the best of friends in a household.

They are virtually inseparable and when they get down to mischief it is trouble time.

Both of them play together, fight over toys (tug of war style) and sleep together mostly on the floor. 

Dogs are friendly, cute and playful. These qualities make them a perfect companion for kids.

Having kids growing up around a dog aids the child’s physical and psychological development. 

Let us take a look at some of the benefits that having a dog brings to the young family. 

  1. Active kids & parents

Having a dog at home is certain to make you and your child active and more activity focused.

The dogs love to go out and can often be found begging their owners to play or to go out for a walk. 

If you don’t wake up when it’s park time, the dogs will barge into your room, climb onto the bed and demand that you wake up.

Similarly for kids, a recent study showed that kids who own dogs exercise eleven minutes a day more than kids who don’t own a dog.

  1. Responsibility at a young age

Everyone knows dogs and children are big work.

The kids would want a dog.

At one point or the other you too must have faced similar demands from your kids.

However, it is for the parents to make sure that the child understands the responsibility that comes with owning a pet.

For example dog’s food and drinking water responsibility could be given to the kid.

This will teach empathy, responsibility and duty to a kid. 

  1. Stress busters and happiness capsules

No matter young or old, dogs bring joy to everybody.

If you are sad a dog will comfort you, if you are happy it’ll be ecstatic.

Your dogs and children have a special language.

Words are not needed.  They laugh, they play and they grow together.

If there is only one reason that you need to get a dog then this should be enough.

The dogs make everyone in the family and specially the children happy. Interaction with dogs raises levels of serotonin and dopamine.

These are the building blocks of happy and positive feelings. 

  1. Increased Immunity

Babies that grow up with a dog around get sick less often in their first year of life.

Exposure to pet dander and other microbes helps improve a child’s developing immune system.

Research has also shown that those who grow up with a dog have a less risk of allergies. 

  1. Companionship, friendship and learning buddies

Dogs are wonderful listeners. They provide excellent company during the ups and down of life and can be a great source of comfort for the kids.

The dogs also act as a learning buddy for the kids since the kids read to them, ask them questions and even make conversations with the dogs.

The kids are never alone and feel safe when they are with their dogs. 

Getting a dog is a big responsibility and most people treat the dog as a member of their families.

The kids benefit the most from growing up around a dog. You should definitely think about  getting a dog, better still adopt a dog. 

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