7 Great Educational Games for Kids

shapes1 7 Great Educational Games for Kids

About Educational Games

Educational games for kids is a very big industry that caters to the entertainment and intellectual needs of the kids.

I believe kids learn more through practice than theory.

I still remember my childhood days when a simple pendulum would be my favourite toy.

Who knew at that age that a simple pendulum teaches us valuable physics lesson.

Depending upon a kid’s interest and age you can get them a toy or a game that fulfills their entertainment needs while stimulating their intellectual hunger and curiosity.

The parents need to actively engage youngsters and learn about their interests.

Let us take a look at a few hobbies and corresponding educational games that correspond to those hobbies:

1.Musical Instruments for kids

Musical instruments are always a great toy for youngsters who are interested in music.

A keyboard generally is a good choice since the kids can learn the basics of musics on it.

Keyboard 7 Great Educational Games for Kids
Casio Keyboard

A keyboard is considered an easy to learn an instrument and once the kids have mastered the piece, they can then move onto more complex instruments of their choice. 

You can buy this amazing quality keyboard here: Casio Keyboard

If you are looking for some other options you can find some here: Musical Instruments for kids

2.Science Kits

Science kits, like the sterling engine and the circuits kit, help the kids understand the basics behind complex scientific principles.

educational games
Electric Discovery Kit For Kids

These kits are generally inexpensive and when compared with the learning that they deliver, it is clear that these games are a must-have for any young scientist.

You can find some great science kits for kids here

Mathematical Games for Kids

educational games
Mathematics Games for Kids

Most of the parents in India want their kids to do well in Mathematics and understandably so because of the role mathematics plays in higher education entrance exams. 

This national obsession is not healthy but somewhat understandable in this cut-throat world of competition.

While I disagree that parents should force the kids to study mathematics, for the kids who are genuinely interested in Mathematics I suggest that the parents look at getting kids games which increases the mathematical aptitude of the kids and makes learning easy. 

You can find some amazing mathematics games here: Mathematical Games for Kids

3.Art and Craft Educational Games for Kids

educational games
Toiing Rock Art Kit for Kids

There are numerous games and toys options out there for kids who are inclined towards art and craft.

The Internet is filled with DIY ideas which your kids will love and enjoy.

You can very well try and make some on your own or buy some kits online.

Some great art and craft kits here: Art and Craft Games for Kids

4.Geography Games for Kids

mapology1 7 Great Educational Games for Kids
Geography Games for Kids

Learning geography is often a difficult task for young kids, at least it was, for me when I was a kid.

But what if learning geography could be made fun?

The best bet we had to learn where Portugal was to locate it on a political map of the world by hand.

Thank god there are many interactive games now that can help the kids with their geography lessons.

This way the kids remember the maps much more easily. 

Find some great options here: Geography Games For Kids

5.History Games for kids

educational games
Kitki History Game for Kids

History is often associated with boredom.

There are some good games that will help the kids remember important historical events easily.

Kids remember history better when they learn in a more interactive fun-filled manner.

For kids who think history is boring, games might just change that and turn them into someone who remembers history and important dates on their tips.

Find some great history games here: History Games For Kids

6.Language Educational Games for Kids

scrabble 7 Great Educational Games for Kids
Language Games For Kids

Teaching your kids a new language is always a good idea.

Although professional classes are a good idea, here are some tools that will help your kids learn the basics of a new language at home.

I hope you like this post about the toys according to their hobbies.

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Let us know what you think about the post in the comments below. 

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