Einstein Box for 2 year old- A Detailed Review

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Einstein box for two year old is an amazing gift for a toddler.

This box costs only about 600 rupees and makes for an ideal Birthday gift for any child.

The Einstein box is a highly rated Amazon’s choice product. It is highly rated and has some great reviews.

This box contains five items:

  1.  PREMIUM BOARD BOOKS: 2 tear-resistant books that teach babies good manners, alphabets, numbers, colors & more.
  2. BRAIN BOOSTERS FLASHCARDS: These cards reinforce concepts of colors, sounds, numbers, & alphabets.
  3. WHERE’S BABY GAME: This game develops your 2-year-old’s logical thinking via its fun and interactive matching game concept.
  4. REWARD CHART– This chart will help your child take the first step towards learning good manners, by motivating them to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
  5. MY FIRST STICKER CRAFT SET: We know that 2-year-olds love stickers! So, develop your child’s creativity with this mess-free craft set. The bases can then be used to decorate your child’s room.

The Einstein box is an educational toy that you will not regret purchasing for your child.

If you give this box as a gift, the kid who will receive this will be happy and engage with the box.

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Get more details on the link below:

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I hope you like this short but useful review of the Einstein Box for 2 year old. Kindly feel free to leave a comment below in case you have anything to add about the product.

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