Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids

2 4 Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids

Math Puzzles for kids are fun and a great tool for imparting basic math concepts to children.

Introduction to Math Games & Puzzles

Indians have an obsession with kids excelling in math and science.

While it is never a good idea to force a kid to learn a particular subject, It is always a parent’s duty to find out where the baby’s interest lies.

Math puzzles for kids are educative, fun and most importantly easy on your pocket.

These games let the kids learn basic math concepts at their own pace and in a social and fun way.

Research proves that activity-based learning is better than traditional ways of learning.

Benefits of Math Activities and Games

  • Math games will definitely help develop an enthusiasm for numeracy
  • The act of finding a reward is satisfying and takes away the fear of math
  • Help learn different mathematical concepts Geometry, tables, etc.
  • Helps Develop problem-solving skills
  • Children learn in groups and develop social skills
  • Activities and games help Improve Learning
  • Math games help in test preparation.
  • Activity-based learning results in life long lessons
  • Math Skills may be proportional to Higher Income
  • Kids enjoy while learning and have fun

Let us now take a look at some Math Puzzles For Kids

1. Addition Math Puzzle

1 10 Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids
Addition Math Puzzles For Kids

Learning to add numbers is one of the basic building blocks of mathematics.

With this inexpensive game your kid will be able to develop the following skills:

  • Conceptual understanding of addition
  • Finding the sum of two numbers

Find a video, how to play and price here.

2. Addition And Subtraction Puzzle

2 4 Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids
Addition and Subtraction Puzzle For Kids

This game teaches the kids both addition and subtraction in a fun way.

This fun with sums games is highly rated and is sure to be a valuable addition to your kids’ game chest.

This addition and subtraction games help the kids to

  • Develop elementary Math skills
  • Learn addition and subtraction

The price is very nominal, You can see a video, price and more details here.

3. Addition, Multiplication, Division, Subtraction Card Game

3 2 Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids
Multiplication and Division Puzzle Game for Kids

Now that we are done with addition and subtraction, multiplication and division are next.

This all in one mental math game is definitely a good fun math game for the kids.

This game will not only teach math but also problem-solving and reflective thinking.

You can see more details on this game here.

4. Melissa & Doug, ABC 123 Abacus

Math Puzzles for kids
Number and Letters Abacus from Melissa & Doug

This absolutely amazing abacus is a must-have item for any kid that is at the age of 2-4 years.

This abacus is a dual-use item that has double-sided numbers and letters.

Melissa & Doug is an international toy brand that is known for its great quality educational toys.

You will love this.

Find more details here.

5. Geometric Shape Blocks

Math Puzzles for kids
Geometric Shape Blocks For Kids

This geometry block set will help the kids learn invaluable lessons with shapes and geometrical figures.

This game will also help stimulate the mind with hours of building fun.

You can see more details on this game here.

6. Brain Boosting Mathematical Activities

6 2 Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids
100 Math Puzzles For Kids

This highly rated book offers 100 Math puzzle/sudoku/game activities.

This is a great gift for every child interested in math.

The book will help develop thinking power and increase mathematical skills.

Find this book here

7. Jumbo Numbers Puzzle

7 1 Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids
Melissa & Doug Jumbo Numbers Puzzle

The jumbo numbers math puzzles for kids is a good quality wooden puzzle numbers game.

Melissa & Doug is known for its quality products and this game is another gem from the company.

You can see more details here.

8. Monopoly

Monopoly Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids
Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly is a classic board game that not only entertains but also educates.

Thi board game teaches financial management, Math and situational awareness to kids.

Quite an unusual way to teach math but if you’ve played monopoly, you know what we mean.

Highly recommended. Find here

9. Shumee Wooden Fraction Building Blocks

8 3 Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids
Fraction Building Blocks

This wooden block game from Shumee will teach kids about fractions,

1/2,1/3 and 1/4 will no longer be difficult to understand for kids if taught in a fun way.

Get this fraction blocks game here.

10. Melissa & Doug Geometry Puzzle

9 1 Everyone Loves These Maths Puzzles For Kids
Geometry Puzzle For Kids

4383 rating and 4. 8 stars. Need we say more?

Read the reviews of this game yourself and decide if this would be useful for your baby.

This is a great early learning game for kids that teaches them about shapes.

Find this game here.


Of course, with all these games the role of the parents is the most important.

Parents need to guide the kids on how to play the games and only then will the kids be able to derive the full benefit that is intended.

It is an established fact that kids learn better when things are taught in a fun interactive way.

With all these games mentioned above, the kids will certainly have fun doing math.

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