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Fantastic Quality Indian Made Wooden Rocking Horse by Shumee

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If you have read earlier posts on this blog you would have noticed that we have taken a decision to promote Indian toys.

We have a one year old son and we make a conscious effort to buy only Indian made toys even if it is a little expensive than the cheaper Chinese alternatives.

The quality however is much better.

Today, We are going to feature a beautiful product from an Indian brand Shumee.

Wooden Rocking Horse from Shumee

This wooden rocking horse is a great quality product, as are some other wooden products from Shumee.

Shumee Wooden horse is a perfect toy for kids around one years of age.

Babies this age quite enjoy the rocking motion and are very amused with their new toy.

This wooden horse will help your kid develop balance and coordination skills.

The quality of this wooden horse makes this a long lasting item and can easily be used for your next baby or even for giving away once your baby finds no use for it.

You can buy this fantastic toy on Amazon here

About Shumee

Shumee Toys encourage open ended play play that lets the kids explore things on their own.

This helps the kids become more confident and open to new experiences.

Shumee toys use natural materials like wood, beeswax and water based paints which are non harmful for the kids.

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