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A Call To Indian Companies

This is an Alert
If you are an Indian Baby Products/toy manufacturer or an Indian brand that sources it’s products from Indian manufacturers, kindly get in touch.
I would like to promote your products through my blog.

I am a parent myself and I don’t like using Chinese toys and baby products for my kid.

Unfortunately, 80-90% of baby toys & products sold online are Made in China so I and other parents have no choice.

Even very reputed international brands get their products manufactured in China.

Let us educate the Indian consumer together and move them towards Indian products and companies.

I believe it is hard to compete with China on price but on safety and quality?

I also believe that Indians will definitely favour Made in India products if they know about it.

Currently, Made in India baby products are hard to find on Amazon.

Surely we could do something there.

Kindly read my blog and learn more about me here to see the type of content that I write.

Update: Prime Minister, Narendra Modi just spoke about helping Indian Industry in these difficult times of the Coronavirus.

In line with the Prime minister’s focus on Buy Local, I urge all Indian Toy Manufacturers to support this noble vision.

I promise my wholehearted support to you in promoting your products.

Leave me a message below.

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