How to get Free Audio Books For Adults and Kids ?

How to get Free Audio Books For Adults and Kids ?

Free Audio Books ? Sure !

This blog post details how you can get Free Audio Books with Amazon Audible here

Has anyone told you Reading Books is a Good Habit ?

Sure, But does your time schedule allow you to read a book?

If you are a new parent and especially a new mom, I am sure you don’t have time to even bathe let alone read a book :)

What if we told you that not only can you read books for yourself, you can also get some amazing free audio books for your KIDS.

Amazon Audible

Amazon Audible is an subscription based audio book service with a vast catalog of audio books.

As with Amazon, Audible provides seamless service and the audio books stream effortlessly on mobile data.

There are many books that you can hear on audible. For Kids as well as Adults.

You get one credit on signing up and one every month that allows you to buy one story book FREE.

After your free trial is over you can sign up for a monthly plan that costs just 199 rupees per month !!

Features of Amazon Audible

Free Audio Books
  • You get Free Audio Books each month with the monthly plan
  • Carry your audio books in your phone and listen whenever, wherever.
  • Get Offline access to your books. Download and listen to them on any device
  • Amazon Audible offers a wide range of audio books in all genre
  • Adjustable Narration Speed means you can choose your pace and enjoy.
  • You can keep 6 unused credits that you get each month. Meaning if you have not decided which book to buy your free credit will not lapse.
  • You can CANCEL your membership ANYTIME without any string attached.
  • OWN your Free Audio books even if you cancel your membership. Download and keep them in your library, just like a hard cover book.
  • VERY Reasonably Priced ! The monthly plan costs just 199 rupees per month.
  • Great Discounts on new books and exceptional customer service.

How To Get your Free Audio Books?

How To Install Amazon Audible ?

Total Time: 5 minutes

Click on the Link below to go to the Amazon Audible sign up page

Start Your Free Trial of Amazon Audible (Free Audio Book) Here

Sign up for your Free Trial

Once on the page click on Start Your Free Trial button as shown in the screenshot below.

Start Your Trial How to get Free Audio Books For Adults and Kids ?

Sign in to your Amazon Account

If you have an amazon account then enter your email or phone number in the space provided.

If you don’t have an account then click on the create your amazon account button at the bottom and create a new account.

Amazon Sign In How to get Free Audio Books For Adults and Kids ?

Choose the Free Trial and add you card details

By default the free trial option would be chosen.

Enter your credit or debit card details. Don’t worry, you will only be charged 2 rupees which will be refunded to you within 48 hrs.

This is just a test charge amazon uses to confirm your payment method in case you decide to buy a premium plan.

You can CANCEL your subscription anytime without any charge.

Credit card is recommended instead of debit card unless you have an ICICI, Kotak or citibank debit card holder.

Debit Card How to get Free Audio Books For Adults and Kids ?

Authenticate Payment

Enter the OTP received on your number to authenticate the 2 rs payment being charged.

Authenticate Payment How to get Free Audio Books For Adults and Kids ?

Congratulations, you are all set.

Enjoy from a wide variety of audio books and use your credit to purchase the one book that you like the most.

You will get one free credit meaning one free audio book each month if you chose to continue your membership.

FAQ’s About Amazon Audible

What is Amazon Audible ?

Amazon audible is a subscription based service. It allows you to download and listen to your favourite audio books

Who is it for ?

Anyone who does not have the time to read books can download the app and use it.

It is especially useful for new parents who can play story books for their kids and relax.

Where can I get my FREE Subscription ?

You can get the Amazon Audible, Free Audio book subscription here: Amazon Audible

Will I be charged for the subscription?

NO. You will not be charged for the first month. It is free. After that if you choose to buy a plan then prices start 199 rs a month.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime ?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into the audible website under my account.

How do I listen to the Audiobooks ?

You can download the audible app from playstore and pair it with Amazon Alexa or other speakers.

What Sort of audio books can I listen to ?

You can choose from a catalog of over 200000 books spread across various genres.

Enjoy your audio books. Happy Reading !

Don’t Forget to Sign Up for Amazon Audible here. After all it’s free and worth a try.

We should try new things in Life, NO ?

Watch This short video about Amazon audible and get inspired :)

Amazon Audible

5 thoughts on “How to get Free Audio Books For Adults and Kids ?”

  1. I completely understand the point of an e book. Many ceo’s read multiple books a week.

    I am a new mother and don’t get the time to read books.

    I have used e books earlier during pregnancy and it really helped me.

    This is a good app.

  2. I put on the Peppa pig audio book and my 1 year old baby enjoys it and chuckles along.

    Good app, even the paid version is worth it.

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