Hobbies to Replace Video Games

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Well, you are not the only one. Yes, you are not the only parent whose kids spend hours playing video games.

Playing video games is not necessarily bad but playing it for hours on end isn’t healthy either. 

Today, we are going to discuss some hobbies that you can introduce your kids to.

These hobbies, of course, should be related to the interests of the child concerned.

1. Reading Books

The world of books is fascinating.

A lot of information on a plethora of subjects is readily available through books. Reading is just as addictive as video games and a lot more useful.

You can introduce your kids to reading either by hardcover books or through a kindle.

This way a child can always carry hiss books around with him. 

2. Playing Sports

The benefits of participating in sports activities as a kid are well known.

Kids miss out on vital development benefits that come along with playing sports because they are busy playing video games inside.

Kids can be encouraged to adopt sports as a hobby. It can be any sports.

You can gift the child and his friends a sports kit as an encouragement to adopt the sport. 

3. Learning To Code

Coding or programming is another hobby you can introduce your kids to.

This will help the kids to explore the wide world of internet and also give them an excellent head start if they want to pursue programming as a career option.

By learning to code a child can start making websites of his choices. 

4. Board Games

Board Games are a great alternative to video games. It can be played in groups and kids learn vital social skills by playing with their friends.

It is just as entertaining and comes with loads of laughter, fun and happiness for the kids.

In fact, the whole family can join in and play board games. We have written a post about board games too since we are big fans. 

Again, board games come in a wide variety in terms of genre. You can choose the one according to your kids’ interest.

5. Online Courses

Plenty of websites offer online courses on a variety of subjects. There are free courses and here are paid ones. You can encourage your kids to start taking online courses on the internet.

These can be anything from learning coding, history, french or maybe even mathematics.

6. Musical Instrument

Learning musical instruments is all about using one’s fingers on the musical instruments.

Plenty of gamer kids do just that on remote controllers all day. Musical instruments can be a source of inspiration for the children.

You should encourage the children to take up music in place of video games.  

The point of this post is not that playing video games is bad but that other hobby should be developed if gaming becomes an addiction.

There are many other things that you can do to replace video games. We promise to do another post about it soon.  

We have done another random post on video games titled: Video Games-Boon or a Bane?

Let us know what you think.

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