Instant geyser Vs Storage geyser

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Instant geyser vs storage geyser


As the name suggests, an instant geyser is a geyser that does not store water and heats the water instantly without delay. An instant geyser comes in a maximum 3-litre capacity.

A storage geyser, on the other hand, can store and heat larger quantities of water. These heaters usually come in 10, 15 and 25 litres configurations.


Instant geysers have to provide instant heating. Thus they draw a large amount of power from the grid. This power surge can often cause mcb trips. An instant geyser is rated 3 to 4 KW, whereas a storage geyser is rated 2 W.

A storage geyser will use more power than an instant geyser in the long run because it needs to heat a more significant amount of water, but it will not put too much load on the electrical systems.


An instant geyser typically comes in 1, 3, and 6-litre capacities; however, a 10-litre instant geyser is also available from Havell’s.

A storage geyser comes in 10, 15 and 25 litres capacities for home use. More enormous geysers upto 50 litres are also available from major brands such as Havells and AO Smith.


Another difference in the Instant geyser Vs Storage geyser battle is the intended use of the geyser.

If you are looking for a kitchen geyser for dishwashing or handwashing, then an instant geyser is the best bet.

If you are looking for a bathroom geyser that will give you hot water and your family, then a storage geyser is a better solution.


A storage geyser is expensive as compared to an instant geyser. A 3-litre instant geyser can cost you anywhere between 2 to 3.5 thousand, and a 10-litre storage geyser will start from approximately 5 thousand rupees.

Space required

Indian kitchens and bathrooms are usually not designed, keeping in mind the space for a geyser, so you must keep in mind the space availability of your home before ordering a geyser.

An instant geyser will easily fit into small spaces, whereas a storage geyser will require both height and width for installation.

Time for heating

An instant geyser will start giving hot water within 30 seconds to1 minute of it being switched on. In contrast, a storage geyser will take between 15 to 20 minutes minimum to het up water.

Durability & maintenance

An instant geyser is generally considered to be more durable and easier to maintain than a storage geyser. An instant geyser does not have a storage tank, so rusting etc., is less and thus, the equipment is supposed to last longer.

However, as is the case with electronic equipment, there is no hard and fast rule.


In most cases, the customer will need to get the installation done by the local electrician. In both instant or storage, geyser installation pipes are required to be bought from outside.

Some brands, however, do provide free pipes and free installation.

An instant geyser is easier to install than a storage geyser.

Ideal place for installing

An instant geyser is best installed either above the kitchen sink or above the washbasin sink.

A storage geyser is best installed in the bathroom above the tap.

Wherever you install the geysers, you will need an inlet for cold water and a space for an outlet pipe.

Hard water suitability

Generally, the newer geyser models these days have protection against hard water that can cause corrosion. Many geyser models have glass chambers and anodes that protect against problematic water corrosion, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Top Selling Models List

I have blogged about some best selling storage geysers in India here. This blog will give you a good idea of where to start looking and what features to look for in a geyser.

For some best selling Instant geysers, you can look at the list of best instant geysers on amazon here.

Toy tales recommendation

I have personally bought the Venus Magma plus geyser because I have had a venus geyser for a long time in my ancestral home, and we have been delighted with its performance.

That is my personal choice, but if I have to recommend a geyser for the users, I will recommend Havell’s instant and storage geysers because Havell’s is a top brand. I have had many readers tell me that they have had a good experience with Havell’s geysers.


Instant geyser vs Storage geyser is a question that mainly boils down to one question.

What is the use for which you are buying the geyser?

I recommend that you buy a storage geyser if you have a family and can only afford one, buy an instant geyser if you are single and only require hot water for one person.

Buy both if you have a family and can afford it.