The 5 Best LG Water Purifier Review

LG Water Purifier
LG Water Purifiers

LG corporation is a South Korean multinational congolomerate headquartered in Seoul.

In India the name LG name is synonymous with top class home applicances. Personally speaking it is my dream to buy LG products for my home because LG products are some of the best products in the market and the company has a history and a reputation for making reliable products.

There was a time when LG and Samsung were considered equal but now in my opinion it is well established that LG products are better. This does not mean that Samsung products are not good but it is just my personal prefernce and opinion that LG products are better.

Although LG has a vast product portfolio for the purposes of this blog we are only going to speak about the LG Water Purifier category.

Why water purifiers?

In recent times there has been an intense focus on air pollution (rightly so) but one thing we all know at the back of our mind is that the water we drink is not fit for drinking in most Indian cities.

For those who can afford it investing in a quality water purifier should be a No Brainer ! Water borne diseases are common in India and if you live in an industrial town or a metro you should be thinking about getting a water purifier as soon as you can. It’s a Health vs Wealth sort of a situation.

There are a multitude of water purifiers available in the market and there is one for each budget.

I have recently written a blog detailing the best water purifiers in India for budget friendly water purifiers.

LG Water Purifier Price

LG water purifier price are higher compared to other brands such as AO smith and eureka forbes.

The LG water purifiers are meant for people who are looking for a loaded water purifier along with the promise of LG quality.

LG water Purifiers Models

1. LG puricare water purifier

LG Puricare water purifier The 5 Best LG Water Purifier Review
LG Puricare water purifier

LG puricare is the least costly LG water purifier in the market.

Lg puricare water purifier price is currently 15,500 rupees but this value keeps fluctuating day to day.

This water purifier has a 8 litre tank capacity and a smart display.

Some other feutures of this RO are as follows: True RO Filtration Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank, Digital Sterilizing care, Mineral Booster,Filter Change Indicator.

But wait just yet Althought this filter is a great buy The LG WW151NPR Ultraviolet listed below is a better buy.

2. LG WW151NPR Ultraviolet, Reverse Osmosis Tank.

LG WW151NPR Ultraviolet The 5 Best LG Water Purifier Review
LG WW151NPR water purifier

The price difference between the LG puricare and the LG WW151NPR is a mere 2.5 thousand but the features in this purifier is much better.

Note: All LG water purifiers come with free installation.

The purification technology employed in this water purifier is Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet.

The WW151NPR has the following features:

  • True RO Filtration
  • Mineral Booster with calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg)
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank
  • Stainless Steel Tank with 10 Year Warranty*
  • Digital Sterilizing care

UV purification technology is ideal for Indian water condition because it kills E.coli, cryptosporidium, giardia or any other types of bacteria and viruses in the water. UV technology is good because it eliminates the need for chemical disinfectants such as Chlorine.

UV technology is considered an extremely effective (kills 99.99% of microbes) water purification technique.

This RO is also equipped with mineral filter which adds minerals in 100% RO purified water and makes water healthier and tastier.

You can compare the LG WW151NPR with other comparable models by clicking on the buy on amazon link below.

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3. LG WW151NP RO+UV Water Purifier 8L

LG 151NP RO UV water purifier The 5 Best LG Water Purifier Review
LG WW151NP RO+UV Water Purifier

The LG WW151NP RO is quite similar to the above mentioned model. You can compare this model to other similar models by clicking the link below. This model is also a good option and better than the puricare model.

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4. LG WW184EPC

LG WW184EPC The 5 Best LG Water Purifier Review
LG WW184EPC water purifier

This LG WW184EPC comes with a multi stage RO filtration process and has a UV filter that runs every 6 hours.

The technology used here is a bit advanced than the previous model.

The seller states “Ever fresh UV Plus RO removes virus and bacteria; so there is no need of UV in the filtration stage. UV Cycle in LG True Water Purifiers runs during the Preservation stage. While the filtered water stored in Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank is absolutely safe and clean to drink, The UV Cycle that automatically starts every 6 Hours.”

This RO is definitely a good buy. You can compare and buy this model below.

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5. LG WHD71RB4RP Water Purifier,Black

31t2rpFNKJL 1 The 5 Best LG Water Purifier Review

LG WHD71RB4RP Water Purifier

The LG whd71rb4rp sure has a complicated name.

The model looks like a coffee machine and has some amazing features. This model uses true RO filtration system. The purifier can also give hot and cold water.

  • Dual protection stainless steel tank, Filter change indicator
  • Hot and cold and normal temperature
  • Digital sterilizing care, Smart lightning feature
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on tank.
  • Capacity: 7.3 liters

4 Reasons to Buy

– Step 1: True Filtration : True RO Filtration

– Step 2: True Preservation : Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank

– Step 3: True Maintenance : Digital Sterilizing Care

– Step 4: True RO Filtration: Pure & healthy water without impure water mixing

I am not sure how good this purifier is because it has some mixed reviews on amazon.

You can compare this purifier and read the reviews on the link below.

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I like LG products so I might be a bit biased but there is no doubt that LG water purifiers are among the best technologically.

Having said that there are other companies that you can consider. I recommend the following:

  1. AO Smith water purifiers
  2. Aquaguard water purifiers

I hope you liked this post on LG water purifiers. You may also like my post on Best water purifiers in India.

LG Water Purifier
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This blog post is a detailed review of LG water purifiers.

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