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Luvlap Stroller For Kids- A Detailed Review For Parents

Luvlap Stroller

Summary of Blog Post

We analyze the top Luvlap strollers and list their features in detail to save you the time and confusion of choosing the best stroller for your child.

While choosing a kids stroller, I and my wife got very confused and had to spend a lot of time understanding the different stroller features and companies.

Ideally, we wanted a made in India stroller because we truly believe in supporting Indian companies.

We chose Luvlap precisely because it was an Indian company but as we found out later almost 99% strollers available in the Indian market are made in china.

So we went in for the next best thing that is an Indian company that makes its strollers in China.

This post is a comprehensive one-stop read to decide on your choice of a Luvlap Stroller for your child.

Luvlap- The company

Luvlap is an in house brand of an Indian company, Universal Corporation Ltd.

The company offers many different products specializing in baby and mother care. It offers products in areas such as baby gear and toys, breastfeeding support, baby hygiene, and baby apparel.

Honestly speaking I was quite surprised to know that an Indian brand was dominating the competitive stroller market on amazon India.

The top five bestsellers strollers in India are from Luvlap.

Why should you read this post?

Well, this post is about reviewing Luvlap strollers for young babies so if you are a young parent who is looking to buy a stroller for their young one, then this post is definitely for you.

I am going to review the bestselling strollers from Luvlap and provide you with a detailed list of features of each stroller.

This list will help you shortlist the best stroller for your child.

There is also a comparison table that will help you shortlist an ideal stroller for your kid.

We will also compare Luvlap strollers on more than 10 criteria.

We have written another post detailing strollers from another Indian company- R for Rabbit Strollers.

Similar to Luvlap this company also gets it’s manufacturing done from China.

Why buy a stroller for your child?

A stroller provides a lot of freedom and relief to a parent.

A young child likes movement and it isn’t always possible for the parents to move and hold the child for long times, especially as the child gets bigger and heavier.

As the child gets older, it gets irritated with constant body contact and sometimes just wants to lie down and enjoy the view while moving.

In the summers too, the baby will like being free in a stroller instead of sweaty arms of the Dad

A stroller provides you with that freedom. With a stroller you can:

  • Take long walks, in your housing society park, with your little one without getting tired
  • Take your baby shopping with you at a mall
  • Show your baby the wonders of the world by taking him to new places
  • Give your baby the comfort and protect them from rain and sun while going outdoors

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Difference between a pram and a stroller

I am sure you must have heard pram and strollers being used interchangeably.

I was very confused about the real difference between a pram and a stroller until I did some research.

A Pram is designed to carry newborns and younger babies. Prams are usually used while the babies are lying down. The prams are quite rugged and generally can’t be folded flat like a stroller.

A stroller is used for older babies and can be folded when not in use. Strollers, by design, allow the kid to be in a sitting, half lying or a sleeping position.

Both terms show up the same products.

In India, you don’t need to worry about prams or strollers. Both terms show up the same results on online portals !!

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Frequently asked questions about Luvlap Stroller

How to choose the best stroller?

Which Luvlap stroller is the best?

1. Luvlap Sunshine Stroller for price
2. Luvlap Galaxy Stroller For value for money and features
3. Luvlap Starshine Stroller again for price
4. Luvlap Joy Stroller

According to online sales, the above-mentioned strollers are the best in India (in the budget segment of course)

What is the difference between different Luvlap Models?

Check our comparison table below to find a detailed comparison based on more than 10 criterion

Does Luvlap make its strollers in India?

Luvlap is an Indian company but no information on their manufacturing is available. We sent an email on their listed email address but the email wasn’t answered.

Thre are multiple numbers of stroller models from Luvlap and this creates confusion for first-time buyers.

If you are looking to buy a stroller you’d be overwhelmed with the number of choices from Luvlap itself, let alone other brands.

Update: We are almost a 100% sure that Luvlap Strollers are Made in China.

To simplify this situation let us now take a look some of the most popular strollers from Luvlap

The Bestselling Luvlap Strollers

1. Luvlap Sunshine Stroller

Luvlap Sunshine Stroller

Luvlap Sunshine Stroller is the number one bestselling stroller in India. Here are it’s main features:

  • Suitable for 0-36 months of age
  • Supports baby weight of a maximum of 15 kgs
  • Features a reversible handlebar so you can be either in front or at the back while pushing the stroller.
  • Has an adjustable 3 position seat recline that helps the baby to sit up, rest or have a nap at a 180 degree sleeping position. Different positions for different moods of the baby
  • Most importantly, This stroller features a 5-Point Safety Harness System that keeps your baby secure at all times. It ties around the waist and in between the legs to make sure that the baby doesn’t slide off or try and claw its way out of the stroller.

More Details Here

Luvlap Sunshine Stroller on Amazon

This stroller is a value for money buy.

Watch this detailed review of this stroller here to better understand this product.

You can read more about this stroller here: Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller

2. LuvLap Starshine Stroller

Luvlap Stroller
Luvlap Starshine Stroller

The Starshine stroller is the number 2 bestseller in India on Amazon. Here are its main features:

  • Many features are the same as Sunshine stroller, for example, reversible handlebar, Rear wheel brakes, compact folding, etc.
  • Supports baby weight of up to 15 Kgs
  • As opposed to the Sunshine stroller which has a 5-way safety harness, Starshine stroller has a 3-way safety harness
  • Includes a mosquito net
  • Has an adjustable 3 seat recline just like the sunshine stroller for comfortable baby positions
  • Other features include a peek a boo window, Detachable Soft, Washable Seat Cushions, and a storage basket
  • In price, this stroller is a little cheaper than the sunshine stroller

More Details Here

Luvlap starshine stroller on Amazon

To better understand this stroller, take a look at this video here:

3. Luvlap Galaxy Stroller

Luvlap Stroller
Luvlap Galaxy Stroller

Luvlap Galaxy is one of the best selling strollers in India and our personal favourite. We have a galaxy stroller for our kid too.

Here are some of the main features of the Galaxy stroller:

  • This stroller is European Standard EN 1888 certified. The new European standard EN 1888–1 specifies the safety requirements and test methods for pushchairs and prams, designed for the carriage of one or more children, up to 15 kg each and up to 20 kg for any integrated platform on which a child can stand.
  • This is an extra spacious stroller with heavy-duty wheels which makes it ideal for outdoor use.
  • 5 point safety harness for child safety
  • Extended Double Layer Canopy
  • Easy Single-hand fold
  • Reversible handlebar – Allows baby to face parent while strolling
  • 3 position seat recline for sleeping, relaxing and sitting I Carrying Capacity up to 15 kgs
  • 360° Front Wheel rotation with Swivel lock and Brakes I Rear Wheel Link Brakes

Apart from these three, there are plenty of other stroller designs from Luvlap. We will not go into details of these strollers because this will make this post very long.

More Details Here

Luvlap Galaxy on Amazon

To understand this stroller better take a look at this video review:

4. Luvlap Joy Baby Stroller

Luvlap Stroller
Luvlap Joy Stroller

The Joy baby stroller is one of the popular strollers from Luvlap.

Here are its features:

  • This stroller comes with Front & Rear wheels with brake
  • It includes a detachable Food Tray which comes in quite handy with babies
  • Easy single-hand  Folding makes it easier to store and transport and an ideal choice for travel
  • Like other Luvlap strollers, the Joy baby stroller comes with a  5 point safety harness to secure your child safely in the stroller
  • Reversible handlebar – Allows baby to face parent while strolling
  • 3 position seat recline for baby’s comfort and moods
  • Carrying Capacity up to 15 kgs
  • 360° Front Wheel rotation with Swivel lock
  • Detachable Extra Soft, Washable Seat Cushions with Extra Padding so that the cushions can be cleaned when dirty
  • Double layered canopy with Looking window I
  • Adjustable leg support with footrest
  • Storage basket in the undercarriage
  • Back Pocket
  • Extended canopy and cover protection, for better shield from direct sun rays, rain or harsh wind

More details here

Luvlap Joy Shine Baby Stroller on Amazon

Besides these strollers, there are some more which are not as hot selling as the above strollers but are still worth looking at.

5. LuvLap Grand Stroller

Luvlap Grand Stroller
  • This stroller is EN 1888 certified which is a very stringent European certification for Prams
  • 5 point safety harness means your baby will be safely tucked in
  • Detachable extra soft seats can be washed so the stroller will be clean
  • Reversible handlebar, 360° Front-wheel rotation, Front & Rear Wheel Brakes
  • 3 position seat recline
  • This stroller is compact and built for travel

More Details

Luvlap Grand Stroller on Amazon

6. Luvlap Tutti Frutti Stroller/Buggy

Luvlap Tutti Frutti Stroller
  • A very compact stroller that is light and easy to carry
  • 5 point safety harness for kids safety
  • Maximum weight capacity- 15 kgs
  • Double layered canopy
  • Back pocket storage, No under-seat storage
  • Footrest available
  • No Food Tray

More Details

Luvlap Tutti Frutti on Amazon

7. LuvLap Twin Stroller

LuvLap Twin Stroller
  • Twin Stroller for Twin Trouble
  • EN 1888 certified ( Stringent European standard)
  • Carrying capacity- 15 Kg’s each
  • 5 Point safety harness
  • Large canopy with a looking window that caters to both compartments
  • Storage Basket
  • Rear-wheel link brakes
  • The stroller weighs 11.5 Kgs
  • Good reviews

More Details

Luvlap Twin Stroller on Amazon

Comparison Table for Luvlap Strollers

The Table below will help you to compare the above mentioned bestselling models from luvlap.

Please rotate your mobile if you are not able to see the table properly.

 Luvlap Sunshine
Luvlap Starshine
Luvlap Galaxy
Luvlap Stroller
Luvlap Joy
Item Weight7.15 Kg7 Kg12.6 Kg8.32 Kg
Carrying Capacity20 Kg15 Kg15 Kg15 Kg
Seat Recline3 Position- Seating, Sleeping and relaxing3 Position- Seating, Sleeping and relaxing3 Position- Seating, Sleeping and relaxing3 Position- Seating, Sleeping and relaxing
Safety5 point safety harnessSafety belt only5 point safety harness, European Standard EN 1888 certified5 point safety harness
FoldableNoCompact FoldYesYes
Food TrayNoNoYesYes
Reversible HandlebarYesYesYesYes
Star Rating on Amazon3.9/54/54/53.9/5
PriceCheck Check Check Check

Stroller Recommendation

After carefully researching the Luvlap strollers I am in a position to make recommendations based on the following criteria in the budget segment:

Model NameToytale's Recommendation
Luvlap SunshineVery popular stroller, number one bestelling on amazon.
Luvlap StarshineEasy on the pocket, right mix of price and utility.
Luvlap GalaxyFeatures rich, One of the most popular luvlap model. I have it.
Luvlap JoySimilar to Galaxy. 4/5
Luvlap GrandFeatures rich, very useful. 4.5/5
Luvlap Tutti FruittiCheapest buggy around. Useful if money is a concern.
Luvlap TwinOne of the best twin stroller. 5/5

Luvlap Galaxy Stroller User Review

We bought a Luvlap galaxy stroller from Amazon in January. I am ok with it except the fact that it is chinese made.

Anyway, any parent looking to avoid Chinese products does not have many choices since more than 80% – 90% of baby products in Indian markets (or world market) are made in China.

Here’s the receipt:

Luvlap Galaxy Stroller Review

Here are a few review points that will help potential buyers:

  1. The stroller is extremely useful. It frees up parents arms and the baby is happy when sitting in the stroller. We use it indoors.
  2. The quality of the stroller is good except the reclining seat. In the upright position, it has slid back to relax position by itself while the baby was pushing against it. Nothing serious.
  3. The wheels are ok but we haven’t used it much.
  4. The installation was easy except we fixed the back wheel incorrectly. Later realized and fixed it. A couple of installation videos are available on YouTube
  5. Handling and movement of the stroller is easy
  6. It is a little heavy than I expected but can be folded and kept in the boot of a Maruti swift desire.
  7. The baby is very happy when looking through the looking window in the canopy.
  8. Folding button makes it very easy to fold
  9. The food tray is useful and in the upright position you can use this as a high chair
  10. I am happy with the stroller. It is a complete value for money product

Comparison with other brands

While Luvlap’s are the best selling strollers on the Internet, other companies sell their strollers online.

Luvlap’s domination of the stroller market is such that there are no other strollers in the top 5 best selling list on Amazon.

R for rabbit strollers is the closest we could find for comparison

You can take a look at the bestselling R for rabbit strollers here

The main reason for doing so was value for money.

We have not included premium brands like Chicco etc. mainly because the cost of these strollers is high and the comparison won’t be an apples to apples one.

How to get the best price

I recommend that you compare stroller prices on two of the biggest eretailers in India before you make a purchase.

You will find that most days Amazon is cheaper but flipkart can give you a good deal occasionaly.

Personally speaking I prefer Amazon since I have been a loyal customer for many years and rarely have I been disappointed.

AmazonCompare Prices
FlipkartCompare Prices


Luvlap Strollers are a good value for money option.

It is a good bet for parents who have a budget as a primary concern.

The quality is acceptable when compared to the money that you are paying.

We have done extensive research and can safely say that you will not learn anything substantially new that is not covered in this post.

Buy A Stroller Now

We hope you are now in a position to make a stroller purchase for your child.

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  1. I bought a galaxy stroller. It’s a little expensive but it looks good, is comfortable for the child and is easy to carry around.

    Thanka for the article. Helped me make a decision.

  2. Good info. Thanks.

    Me and my husband were so confused betwene a pram and buggy and stroller.

  3. I think galaxy stroller is good for baby. My baby has just started eating food and the stroller has enough space for his bottle and food.

    I think it has multiple sitting arrangements that’ll help ? Not sure.

  4. Good post. All info I got here.

    Strollers are expensive but compared to other companies ok.
    .quality is good

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