Our Experience with Baby Pacifiers

close up photo of boy with pacifier in his mouth 2602089 Our Experience with Baby Pacifiers

Baby pacifiers is used by parents to calm crying babies.

As with everything, there are both positives and negative sides to using a baby pacifier.

We were actually not aware of the negative sides of using a baby pacifier when we bought one for our baby.

Let me narrate my experience with the pacifier for the readers.

My Experience

We bought a Chicco baby pacifier for our baby because my wife and I saw many baby videos where the babies were sucking calmly on the pacifier and we thought it was really cute.

Didn’t put too much thought into why we need a pacifier?

We weren’t really inclined to get a pacifier but desperation drove us to it.

We are first time parents and for a brief period were the only ones taking care of the baby.

We were at our wits end whenever the baby decided to cry and not stop.

We though a baby pacifier would solve the problem.

How did we choose a pacifier?

One thing we were very clear about from the beginning was that we will not buy a made in china pacifier for our baby.

The reason was that a pacifier is one item that will be in the baby’s mouth a lot so it has to be from a company we trust.

Unfortunately, most Indian and international brands get their baby products manufactured in China.

We zeroed in on the Chicco baby pacifier.

Baby and the Pacifier

Our baby does not like the pacifier.

He spits it out as soon as we put it in his mouth. Maybe once or twice the baby did try to bite on the pacifier but he wasn’t really interested.

Some babies don’t really like a pacifier while some take to it like a fish to sea.

Pros and Cons of Baby Pacifiers

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I found this blog on webmd to be quite useful while I was doing some research on the pacifiers. Read it if you are looking to buy one.

Baby Pacifier Safety and Hygiene

Whenever you get a baby pacifier it is also important to understand the safety and hygiene routine.

Since the pacifiers go into a babys mouth it is important to learn the cleaning and sterilising routine.

I found this short but useful video that will be helpful I believe.

Baby Pacifiers Recommendations

1. Chicco NaturalFit Pacifier Clear Soft Silicone 0-6M (2 pcs)

Baby Pacifiers

2. Philips AVENT BPA Free Nighttime Infant Pacifier, 0-6 Months

Baby Pacifiers

I may add more pacifiers here once I find some more quality products.

To the best of my knowledge these pacifiers are not made in china and are from good reputable brands.

I hope this post was useful.

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