Parenting in times of Covid-19

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These are strange times.We have been in a lockdown for the past 2 months.

Many babies who were born during these times have not been able to see the outside unfortunately.

We have an 8-month-old baby boy and we desperately wanted to take him outside but since we lived in a red/orange zone we couldn’t take him outside.

Finally, when some relaxation happened we managed to move to our village in Kasauli.

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Things are better here. We have a village of only 60 people with 12 houses and social distancing isn’t a problem.

I was surprised to see that people are very vigilant and informed about the crisis and are practising the government guidelines much better than some people in the cities.

Baby is happy. He watches dogs, cows, new people and sparrows with a mild interest. Has made me realise Babies likes outdoors.

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We are still not able to take him outside since we are in-home quarantine but there’s plenty of action at home that keeps him entertained.

The weather is nice and we sit on the terrace in the morning and evening. The terrace is quite large, Homes in villages are generally quite big so you can imagine.

There are no mosquitoes and there’s a slight chill in the air. We had to wear sweaters when we came here!

Coronavirus Made Us Think About Lifechoices

Coronovirus has forced us to think about our life and career.

My Aunty brought us some fresh coriander and spinach from the field the other day and the fragrance and freshness of these veggies made me realise that I had not tasted such amazing vegetables for the past, many years since I was in Gurgaon, Delhi and Chandigarh.

I have a lot of land that is lying unused because both my brother and I work in the cities and come back only occasionally to the village.

My uncle, however, has planted Peaches, Pears, Apples, Plums and Kiwi’s in the oast few years after his retirement.

The results are encouraging. Our land is quitre fertile and we have black soil in our fields.

Our place is ideally suited for horticulture cultivation.

Nauni university is closeby and I will certainly seek some inputs from them once I start

I have made up my mind to plant some orchards. The biggest challenge would be Water.

Kasauli does not have enough water and I would need to conserve rainwater in order to even think about horticulture.

Fortunately, I have land and ideas.

Hopefully, I”ll start soon !!

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