Playtime Benefits For Kids

Shumee1 Playtime Benefits For Kids

Kids love to play. Understatement ?

Why are kids so happy when they play ? What is it that makes them so happy while playing?

Playtime is a pleasure. It is fun, entertainment. It is a learning process . 

Anything else? Yes.

Playtime brings countless benefits to the child. Physical, mental and social.

If only we could look inside the head of our kids, we would see the amount of activity and the brain areas activated.

Playtime generates a series of hormones that makes a child happy. 

These are the chief hormones that are generated in the brain while playing.

– Serotonin:   It is responsible for balance and regulates mood

– Acetylcholine: promotes concentration , memory and learning. 

– Endorphins and enkephalins:  reduces neural tension.

– Dopamine:  responsible for physical activity. It also stimulates imagination creating images and fantastic creatures. 

Playtime opens the doors of  imagination and creativity in children.

It keeps the children fit. Helps them develop real time skills such as conflict resolution and problem solving etc.

Playtime teaches the kids to respect rules and develop team skills which are beneficial in life.

Playtime helps establish social ties and develops the inner world in the children.

Playtime is an important part of the growth of a child.

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