Telescope price in India- How to find the best deals?

Telescope price in India- How to find the best deals?

Are you looking for a telescope for yourself or your child?

This blog post will you shortlist the best Telescope at the best price; how? I will list various telescopes in this blog and tell you where you can get the best price for the item.

Telescope price in India amazon

There are two ways to buy a telescope in India: online or offline.

Although offline is an excellent way to buy quite often, it limits our options in terms of variety. Generally speaking, the price you get offline is a little higher than your online price.

I think the best way is to go online.

Buying a telescope online allows you advantages that offline buying does not:

  1. If the product is defective or not to your liking, you can return the product without any questions asked.
  2. You can get a product at discounts or Flexi EMI’s
  3. You can compare telescopes side by side and make the best decision at your own pace. There is no pressure or a pushy salesman around.
  4. Online buying allows you to read reviews from users who have already bought the product, and you can form a neutral opinion out of your understanding.

I recommend that you check the Telescope price in India on amazon to get the best rates and variety of Telescopes.

You can also check the telescope price in India on Flipkart and choose the best option.

I shop on both these platforms multiple times, and I have been a happy customer.

Which Telescope to buy ?

I have written a detailed blog post titled: An Indian Parents Guide To Telescopes which will help you decide which Telescope is the best for your needs.

In this blog post, I will write about some of India’s most common queries about Telescope prices.

Telescope to see planets price in India Most common queries

Sushant singh rajput telescope price

Sushant Sing Rajput owned the Meade 14″ LX600-ACF. It is a very expensive and advanced telescope that costs upwards of 7 lakh rupees in India.

Hubble telescope price

Hubble Space telescope is an astronomical observatory placed into orbit on April 24, 1990.

The Hubble telescope is currently located about 340 miles (547 km) above Earth’s surface, where it completes 15 orbits per day — approximately one every 95 minutes.


You cannot buy a Hubble telescope, obviously, but since many people search for a Hubble telescope, I can recommend that you look at some of Celestron’s models listed below.

Best telescope to see planets price in India

Telescope ModelPrice
1. Powerseeker 60EQ Telescope11099
2. Celestron 2104522000
3. Orion 1001227000
4. Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ Telescope21990
5. Orion 10033 Funscope20243
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Astronomy telescope price in india

Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ Telescope21990
Celestron 114EQ Powerseeker Telescope26990
Astronomy telescope price in india

Meade telescope price

Meade Infinity Refractor Telescope8499
Meade Infinity Altazimuth Telescope43680
Meade Infinity 90 mm135555
Meade telescope price

Celestron Telescope Price in India

1. Celestron FirstScope Telescope8999
2. Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope10200
4. Celestron 21038 Travel Scope12000
5. Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ21990
6. Celestron 21045 114mm22000
7. Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ Motor Drive Telescope25999
8. Celestron 114EQ Powerseeker Telescope26990
9. Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ Telescope56624
10. Celestron AstroMaster 102AZ Observe in Minutes Telescope, Blue (22065)62000
Celestron telescope price in india

Space telescope price in india

I have written about space telescopes and their prices in detail in my earlier blog post; An Indian Parents Guide To Telescopes.

This post will give you all the models and the prices of the best space telescopes.


I recommend that you buy your Telescope on amazon because I have found Amazon to offer the best price amongst the online portals. Its delivery and return services are also satisfactory.

The range of telescopes is greatest on amazon, and the price difference is sometimes the difference could be as high as a couple of thousand rupees.

You can check the highest-rated telescopes on the link below.

Check Telescopes on Amazon

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