The 5 best toy stores in the world

photo of girl having fun in birthday party 2399097 min The 5 best toy stores in the world

Have you ever been to a toy store? A real toy store? Perhaps a toy store is the only place where the adults too turn into kids. It is where the parents remember their childhood dreams and suddenly understand that these dreams can be realized even now.

Let us tell you something about the biggest and the best toy stores in the world. 

1. Hamleys, London: the biggest toy store in the world

This Massive toys store is a seven floor playtime heaven for kids and adults alike. Basically any toy you can think of is here. Stuffed animals, Teddy bears, Action figures, RC vehicles, Books- You name it and it is here. Even Magic wands. The store organises demonstrations of the latest toys regularly along with Puppet show.  The staff dresses up in costumes much to the thrill of the visitors to the store. 

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can just go in and play without buying anything. We wonder how lucky the kids living next to the store are?

2. The LEGO Store – New York City

This toy store is a dreamland for the kids and Adults. The Lego Store in Rockefeller Plaza is open seven days a week. This is a perfect family destination for people from all around the world and is very popular with kids and adults. This toy store is a must visit for Lego Lovers on their New York Trip.

Lego has been the kids favourite since 1932. Famous for the iconic blocks and bricks, lego is now the world’s fourth largest toy manufacturer. 

3. Casa Barbie – Buenos Aires, Argentina

This store is the first official Barbie store in the World. This Barbie store is a little girl’s dream come true.  The store has anything that a barbie enthusiast may be interested in. Barbie jewellery, outfits, Dolls and much more.  

4. Lark Toys, Kellogg Minnesota

This toy store is famous for their handmade heirloom wooden toys and carousel.  This toy store is situated in a 20,000 square feet area and has mini a golf course too.

 5. Disney store: how to get to a fairy tale

I think almost all of us have heard of the Disney name at least once in our lives. Disney stores sell official Disney Merchandise like soft toys of Mickey Mouse, Donald duck etc. The toys are almost as charming as the cartoons. These stores are spread all across the world. The first store opened in Glendale, California and ever since then these stores have been duplicating the Disney popularity at various locations. 

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