The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night’s Sleep

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Baby Bed is not the only item that you will need to ensure a good night’s sleep for your baby.

This blog post is a comprehensive attempt to make sure you get everything you will need on one page.

Read on.

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I speak from experience when I say that the first six-eight months in the life of a baby are exhausting for the parents.

Baby’s sleep patterns are irregular and waking up just when you were about to sleep is a common phenomenon.

Sleepwalking and sleeping with the baby in your lap is not uncommon.

I understand.

My son Atharva has just turned 6 months old and he still wakes up at least three to four times every night for milk etc.

There are multiple products that I think can help new parents to adjust & make their lives easier.

There are also some other posts that I think you should read if you have young babies.

The Perfect Baby Proofing Checklist will prove helpful if you have babies that are nearing 6 months of age.

Let us now take a look at some useful baby sleeping products

1. Baby Beds

The Need For Baby Beds

Do you share a bed with your infant?

Does your baby sleep with you?

I know that in India mothers and babies sleep together and very often it is considered a form of affection and families often frown if the baby is made to sleep in a separate Baby bed.

I think with time, the new generation is definitely coming out of this mindset and buying baby beds for their newborns.

I don’t mean to scare you but a study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that among 8,207 infant deaths from 24 US states occurring between 2004-2012, 69% of infants were bed-sharing at the time of death. (article from Medical News Today)

Read this screenshot from the same website. (SIDS in the screenshot means sudden infant death syndrome)

Medical News The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
Medical News Today

Although SIDS is not a major problem in India, It is important to understand what it is and how to avoid it.

Please google SIDS to know more.

Let us now take a look at some of the best Baby beds in India:

1. The Best Baby Beds

Amardeep Toddler Bed with Mosquito Net

baby bed
  • The mosquito net blocks out flies and mosquitoes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ideal for newborns until 3-4 months of age
  • Allows fresh air in
  • More details here

Amardeep Baby Bed with Mosquito Net

baby bed
  • Number one bestselling baby bed on Amazon
  • Highly rated baby bed
  • Beautiful colour scheme
  • Ideal for newborns until 3 years
  • Blocks mosquitoes and ensures a comfortable sleep
  • More Details Here

Fisher-Price Baby Bed

baby bed
  • 100 % pure cotton
  • Has a pillow to support the baby neck
  • Fisher-Price is an international brand. Quality can be expected
  • Mosquito net prevents mosquitoes
  • Lightweight & easy to carry
  • More Details here

KooKyKooby Baby Bedding

baby bed
  • Ideal for newborns
  • Includes a baby mosquito net for protection
  • Convenient to carry & easy to fold
  • Nice looking bed with a lion pillow
  • More Details Here

2. Baby Pillows

Omved Baby’s First Pillow Head Shaping Rai Mustard Seeds Pillow with Lavender & Cotton Cover

1 1 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • This Indian mustard seed pillow can be used for babies 0-24 months old
  • Prevents flat head syndrome in babies
  • Dried Lavender Flowers is therapeutic and induces sleep in the babies
  • Comes with an organic cotton cover
  • More Details Here

Kradyl Kroft Memory Foam Head Shaping Pillow for Baby

2 3 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Very good quality foam pillow for baby
  • Great reviews and ratings
  • Made up of High-quality Applr Bio-Gen Sleep Foam
  • Comes with an organic cover
  • More details Here

Circleday Baby Boy’s & Baby Girl’s Breathable Memory Foam

baby bed
  • Made of Bamboo memory foam
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Can be used on a bed, crib etc.
  • Pressure distribution
  • More details here

Amardeep Fun Pillow – Elephant

baby bed
  • This is more of a fun pillow that will be liked by kids above 6 months of age
  • Not to be used as a regular pillow but more as a fun companion for your baby
  • More details here

3. Baby blankets

BRANDONN Newborn Polka Baby Blanket

1 2 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Highly rated baby wrapping sheet cum baby blanket
  • Can be used as a baby shawl
  • Ideal for summers and after bath
  • More details here

Luvlap Newborn Baby Soft Blanket

2 4 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Cute attractive print
  • Multi-purpose, Summer blanket and baby wrapper
  • Light-weight
  • Highly rated
  • More details here

Mom’s Home Baby’s Jungle Theme

3 2 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Super lightweight AC blanket
  • Made up of purest organic cotton
  • Multipurpose blanket
  • Very soft breathable blanket
  • Eco-friendly colours
  • More details here

Mom’s Home Organic Cotton Baby Blanket

4 2 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Highly rated blanket
  • Organic muslin 6 later blanket
  • Big size, Breathable and ultra-soft
  • Anti-allergic for babies with sensitive skin
  • More details here

RAJRANG Baby’s Plush Cotton Blanket

5 1 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • 100% Cotton
  • Lightweight blanket ideal for babies
  • BPA Free, Lead-free, Latex Free,No static 
  • Multiple uses
  • More details here

Trance Home 100% Cotton Blanket

7 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • High count 100 % cotton fabric
  • Traditional body cover
  • Reversible design
  • Wrinkle-resistant, lightweight and durable
  • Eco-friendly colour dye
  • More details here

Wonder Wee Premium Baby Blanket

6 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Premium quality 100 per cent cotton
  • Very high thread count makes it very soft
  • 6 layered breathable fabric
  • Blanket gets softer with every wash
  • More details here

4. Dry sheets

BeyBee Dry Sheet

1 3 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Waterproof mattress protector
  • Highly rated product
  • breathable and hygienic
  • Can be sterilised
  • More details here

Ketsaal Waterproof and Reusable Mat/Bed Protector

2 5 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Skin-friendly and heat-free fabric
  • Breathable and durable dry sheet
  • Absorbs 8 times more than its weight
  • More details here

Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector

3 3 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Provides protection from bacteria and allergens
  • Superior water absorbing capacity
  • Stain-proof, hygienic and breathable
  • More details here

Quick Dry Large Bed Protector

5 2 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Cosy dry sheet
  • Silky feeling
  • More details here

5. Very Good Baby Cribs For Your Baby

Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 Glacial

baby bed
  • This is a fantastic 4 in 1 product
  • Crib-recliner-high chair and first chair
  • Chicco is an internationally renowned brand that is known for great products
  • Comes with an electronic toy bar that has lights, sound and dangling toys.
  • Perfect product for your little one
  • A little expensive but quality is fantastic
  • More Details Here

R for Rabbit Hide and Seek Baby Bed- Smart Folding Baby Cot/Crib

baby bed
  • Designed for good air ventilation
  • Can be used for 0-36 months so it is a long-lasting product
  • Grows with your child
  • This baby crib can be easily moved with the help of wheels
  • Easily Foldable
  • More details here

Fisher-Price Georgia Baby Crib Cum Toddler Bed

baby bed
  • Fisher-Price is an internationally renowned brand
  • This baby bed can be used for babies up to 5 years old
  • Features a unique 4 level height adjustment for mattress
  • Very Highly rated crib
  • Solid seasoned wood
  • Zero Lead paint finish
  • More details here

Little Olive Wooden Cot Crib Cradle Cum Bed

baby bed
  • Little olive products are good products. I speak from personal experience
  • Made of New Zealand pine wood
  • Your baby will love this quality product
  • Adheres to strict safety standards
  • Bureau of Indian standards compliant
  • According to the company, you can use this crib until your baby is
  • Easily the longest-lasting crib out in the market
  • More Details here

Babycenterindia Wooden Baby Cot

baby bed
  • Made of Malaysian solid rubberwood
  • Has wheels for easy movement
  • Can last for 10 years
  • Made in compliance with bs en standards
  • 3 level adjustable mattress base
  • Non-toxic teething rails
  • Rounded and safer corners
  • More details here

LittleBird India Elegant Wooden Cot with Mattress

baby bed
  • Anti-bacterial laminates prevent bacteria or other harmful organisms to develop on the surface
  • No volatile organic paints are used in this crib instead water-based acrylic paints are used which are safe
  • Quite a spacious crib
  • Comes with a mattress
  • More details here

Regalo My Cot Deluxe Portable Toddler Bed

7 1 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Light, foldable toddler bed
  • Can be carried anywhere easily
  • Includes a carry case
  • Can support 35 kgs
  • Multifunctional bed
  • Includes a deluxe sleeping bed
  • More details here

BabyTeddy Mosquito Net for Crib

4 4 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep

Many cribs come with a mosquito netting but some don’t.

This is a nice mosquito net for the crib that you can buy here.

6.Baby Crib Bed Sheets

Pure Organic Cotton Fitted Cot Sheet for Baby Crib

1 5 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Cute design
  • Superfine 100% organic cotton
  • European designs
  • More details here

AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Fitted Bedsheet for Cribs

2 7 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Amazon Product
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Jersey knit gives unmatched comfort
  • More details here
  • The Baby Atelier 100% Organic Fitted Crib Sheet Yellow Boats
3 5 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Highly rated product
  • Made of organic cotton
  • Chemical-free cotton
  • More details here

7. Baby Bed (Co-Sleeping)

Baby bassinets or co-sleeping beds are used for babies that are younger than 6 months of age.

If you don’t want to buy a separate bed for the kid then you can use this kind of bed that allows the baby to sleep in the same bed but still maintain separation through this bed.

Baby Nest Co-Sleeping Baby Bed

baby bed
  • Highly rated product
  • Made with hypoallergenic materials
  • Non-toxic and 100% cotton
  • Very cosy feel that mimics the mother’s womb
  • This baby bed facilitates tummy time
  • The baby co-sleeping bed/bassinet is machine washable
  • More details here

Abreeze Baby Bed (Bassinet Bed)

baby bed
  • Very cute design
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Hypoallergenic, breathable cotton fabric
  • Multipurpose, can be used as a pillow, side sleeper or travel bed
  • Not washable in a washing machine
  • More details here
  • Amardeep and Co Baby Cotton Sleeping Cum Carry Bag
baby bed
  • Very cute design. Just read the slogan. It’s True.
  • Highly rated baby bed
  • Hand wash only
  • More details here
  • Amardeep and Co Baby Sleeping Bag Cum Baby Carry Bag
baby bed
  • Hand wash only
  • Highly rated
  • More details here

Chicco Next 2 Me Co Sleeping Crib

baby bed
  • Expensive but worth it.
  • Check it out here

Snuggle Me Organic Baby’s Portable Crib

baby bed
  • International product
  • Very soft to touch
  • More details here

8. Baby Mosquito Nets

Frankly speaking, Mosquitoes are such a nuisance in some parts of India that it just drives some parents crazy and rightly so, If I may add.

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. They are carriers of deadly diseases.

We have ordered a mosquito net ourselves. Gives us a lot of peace of mind knowing that the baby will be safe from mosquito bites even when we are not watching.

Here are some top mosquito nets you can get for your baby.

Classic Mosquito Net Classic Mosquito Net (Single Bed)

1 7 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Highly rated mosquito net
  • Ideal for single bed 6.56*3.94*4.26 Ft)
  • Easily washable
  • Can be easily erected around the bed no nails required)
  • Comes with a storage box
  • Comes with a patch that can fix accidental holes
  • Find more details here

Classic Mosquito Net for Double Bed Queen Size

2 9 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • The size of the double bed is 6.56*5.57*4.59 Ft
  • Easily Washable
  • Storage bag included
  • More details here
  • Healthy Sleeping Fold able Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net
3 7 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
  • Foldable and easy to install
  • Can accommodate double bed king size, queen-size)
  • More details here
  • Classic Mosquito Net Foldable for Double Bed King Size
4 7 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep

In fact, mosquito nets are an important product to save from mosquitoes.

Mosquito proofing the who;e house is Very important. We have also written about it.

You should read our responsible parent manual for mosquito proofing your house to find out all the ways in which you can ensure that mosquitoes stay away from your babies.

9. Story Books

Please check our post on storybooks for kids.

10. Audio Books

5 3 The Complete Baby Bed Kit For a Good Night's Sleep
101 Panchtantra Stories

Did you know that Amazon Audible gives one free ebook each month?

I wasn’t a big fan of ebooks either but I have started listening to new books recently and I quite like it.

Especially, when I don’t have time and am working I make sure to put on an ebook that I wanted to read but didn’t have the time to.

Read our post on how to get free ebooks here.

11. Video Songs

I have a couple of song recommendations to get your baby to sleep.

We have personal experience with these songs and trust me these work.

As soon as we put on these songs the baby doses off to sleep.

14. Toys

Get your baby a soft toy (when she is older than 6 months) to accompany her whenever she sleeps.

Here’s a simple How to get your baby to sleep based on my personal experience with my son


If your baby has slept well, she will be in a good mood and you will rest easy.

Baby will stay healthy and you will truly be able to enjoy every moment with your little one.

Here’s hoping you like this post. Kindly share it with your friends if you did.

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