The Perfect Baby Proofing Checklist

bike 1156864 1280 The Perfect Baby Proofing Checklist

Your baby may not have started to crawl yet, but believe me, you need to be ready with your baby-proofing before she does.

Before you know it your baby will start crawling around the house.

You have to be prepared to keep your baby safe.

Why Baby Proofing your House is Important?

To you, regular household items may not seem very interesting but to a child that has recently discovered movement and the power of her hands, every new thing is a mystery that has to be solved by touching or in some cases tasting.

Securing your baby from harm that may be caused due to household items such as sharp edges, TV, Furniture, etc. is very important.

This is especially important just before your baby starts to crawl (usually 6-10 months)

Learn how to baby proof your house, car and the baby itself with this simple baby proofing checklist.

Baby Proofing the House

Baby Proofing the Car

Baby on Board Stickers

These stickers are really easy to place and show a mature attitude towards road safety.

A baby on board sticker warns the other drivers to keep a safe distance from the car.

Make sure that you buy a big sticker that is easily visible from a distance.

Really cheap item but an essential for baby car safety.

Car Seat

A baby car seat is an absolutely essential item for a household that has a baby.

You must have seen in Hollywood movies that the baby always sits in the back in a car seat.

Unfortunately, In India, parents do not take child safety as seriously as they should.

Babies sit in the lap of parents on the front seats. God forbid if an accident happens then this is the worse situation to be in.

Be a responsible parent and get a car seat for your baby.

Baby Proof the Baby

When you are finished baby-proofing the house and the car thinks about ways the baby could be protected from the baby. 🙂

The cute little monkeys are a risk that you must think about.

A baby is prone to falling due to unregulated balance and sudden movements.

Baby’s vital organs need to be protected just in case of a fall

Baby Safety Helmets

Especially important if there are stairs in a house or if the baby has a tricycle.

Baby Kneepads & elbow pads

If you don’t have carpeting on your floors then knee pads and elbow pads are important to save the baby from abrasions and bruises.

Head protector

Baby head protectors are inexpensive items that will save the baby in case of a backward fall.

Especially useful when your baby is learning to walk and is prone to falling.


Mamaearth is a great company that we personally recommend and use for our 6-month-old baby.

Here’s a little post we have written about Mamaearth that you must read.

Mosquito Nets

Now, many areas in India suffer from mosquito infestation during summers and monsoons.

It is absolutely essential that you get a good mosquito net for your baby to prevent mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes carry various diseases and act as carriers of different pathogens and viruses.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while getting a mosquito net:

  1. The size: big enough to allow easy movement inside. A double bed mosquito nest at least.
  2. The design: Find a mosquito net that fits your bed. For example, there are some that are attached to the roof and some that is a tent-like and cover the bed.

We got this Mosquito net for our baby.


The baby needs to be protected at a time when she is most vulnerable to falling, slipping or hurting herself.

Baby proofing your house and car will give you peace of mind and your baby security. You can enjoy her baby steps without worry if you are sure that your house is safe.

Although we do not advise that you buy all the baby proofing products mentioned here but definitely get what you can afford and make some homemade arrangements for other items.

Do not ignore and invite an accident. Baby Proof your House Now!

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