The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home

2 1 The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home

About Mosquitoes

India, unfortunately, is home to more than 400 species of mosquitoes mainly because of the hot and humid weather which is ideal for the mosquitoes.

At best the mosquitoes are just a nuisance but at worst they are carriers of deadly diseases transmitted to humans through bites.

Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Japanese B encephalitis. etc. are just a few of the many deadly diseases that the mosquitoes carry.

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites for Babies?

It is very important to ensure that the kids are protected from mosquito bites both indoors and outdoors.

While we were writing The Perfect Baby Proofing Checklist we realized that mosquito bites are a major concern for parents and that this topic deserves a blog of its own.

Preventing mosquitoes from entering our homes needs a two-pronged approach.

For the first, we don’t need any mosquito fighting products and just have to make sure that our surroundings are clean.

Let us take a look at some steps that you can take to prevent mosquito breeding around your house:

  • Do not let still water stand near your house
  • Reduce Mosquito breeding places by emptying, covering, or treating objects that hold water
  • Cover the dustbins, empty them regularly and clean them every day
  • Clean and disinfect the bathrooms and the floors regularly
  • Mosquitoes are mostly nocturnal except a few so keep your doors & windows closed during this period

The second approach is to get products that will help you get rid of mosquitoes.

These products are absolutely essential for homes with young babies.

1. Mosquito Nets For Babies

3 3 The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home
Mosquito Nets For Babies

Mosquito nets are essential because they protect the babies and the family at a time when the mosquitoes are most active and the baby most vulnerable.

Mosquito net for babies is a time tested and cheap method to prevent mosquito bites.

Here’s the Mosquito net that we have ordered for our baby.

You can look at some of the top-selling mosquitoes nets here.

2. Mosquito Roll-On For Babies

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Mosquito Roll-On For Babies

Mosquito roll-ons are actually quite effective for babies.

There are two types of roll on’s that are available for babies: Body Roll-on and fabric roll on.

We highly recommend Mamaearth products for babies because they are safety certified and absolutely harmless for the babies.

Find some great roll on for babies here.

Make sure that you do not buy very strong odor products because that might discomfort the baby.

Read the reviews before ordering the products so that you benefit from other parents’ experience with the product.

3. Mosquito Screens For Babies

4 3 The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home
Mosquito Screens For Babies

Mosquito screens help keep the mosquitoes out while allowing you to keep the windows open to enjoy the air.

Some people prefer to keep their windows open during the summers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with the mosquitoes all around.

These mosquito screens allow you to keep the windows open (although it is strongly recommended that you close them)

There are also screen doors that allow for easy movement and close automatically.

Find some good mosquito screens here.

4. Mosquito Patches For Babies

6 3 The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home
Mosquito Patches For Babies

Mosquito patches for babies are a great option for kids who want to play outdoors.

These patches can be easily placed on the clothes or cots and can provide protection for up to 12 hours.

Get these Mosquito patches if your kids sit on the roof or stay outdoors for long hours.

5. Camphor Cone For Sleeping Room

7 2 The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home
Camphor Cone For Sleeping Room

Camphor is a natural Class A mosquito repellent that has the longest mosquito repellent effect when compared to other natural items.

Camphor is easily available at local your grocery store so get some and burn a tablet in a closed room to kill the mosquitoes.

It is natural and completely harmless for the babies.

We really recommend this camphor cone for your sleeping room. It acts as a mosquito repellant as well as a room freshener.

6. Anti Mosquito Racket

8 4 The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home
Anti Mosquito Racket

Well, this is the old style mosquito bat. Valid for all seasons.

This mosquito bat is very handy and can be used if a mosquito is flying over your head at night or evening.

You can find some very good and cheap mosquito bats here.

Get one and save yourself some mosquito bites.

7. Plugin Machines

The plugin machines are very good anti-mosquito agents.

There are numerous well-known brands in the market that you can get very easily.

Switch them on at night but make sure they are placed some distance away from the bed.

Although these machines are safe but frankly speaking we don’t feel just right using these chemical machines near our baby.

8. Bug Zapper Machines

9 2 The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home
Bug Zapper Machines

Bug zapper machines are recommended for open areas such as drawing rooms or kitchen where the flies, mosquitoes, etc can be killed and the sleep is not disturbed.

These zapper machines are a very good option for killing mosquitoes and flying insects since you won’t have to run after the mosquitoes to kill them.

In a nutshell:

Purple and White Creative Brush Strokes Checklist List The Responsible Parents Manual For A Mosquito-Free Home
Baby Mosquito Checklist

Feel free to share this image with your friends.

These Bug zapper machines have fluorescent lights that attract insects and kills them when they touch the electric mesh.


Mosquito bites are not just nasty but also dangerous.

So many babies fall ill due to mosquito bites. Be a responsible parent and mosquito-proof your house.

You and your baby deserve a good mosquito-free night’s sleep. :)

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