This Damn COVID-19

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What a terrible year this 2020 has been.

So many lives and livelihoods have been lost all around the world. The worst part is we are becoming used to seeing high numbers of fatalies everyday on our TV screens.

While there is no escaping the TV during these times, I personally try to avoid watching too much of news due to obvious reasons.

I personally know of someone who has been affected quite badly due to this vicious news cycle. this gentleman now suffers from anxiety and gets scared very easily.

Before the lockdown I never saw him like this. He was one of the most strong man I have met.

Poor Babies

Our boy Atharv was born in september and is 9 months old. Due to the lockdown we have not been able to take him out to the mall or on walks.

Luckily, we went to Kasauli ( my hometown) and spend some very good time there. Very less TV.

Some babies, especially in the hotspot zones, have been robbed of so many experiences that they would have enjoyed if not for this damn virus.

I just shudder when I think about the experience of the parents who had a baby delievered during these times.

The fear of going to the hospital during these times can itself cause an anxiety attack to some.

What can you do ?

While I strongly agree with the government’s directive about not going outside, some of us need to go back to work to get the nation’s and our own economy up and running.

I suggest the following precautions that you can take:

Get your parents to help you out if you can

This is a golden opportunity for grandparents to spend some quality time with their grandkids.

If you are someone who lives away from their village or home, try and get your parents to spend some time with you.

With everyone at one place, i am sure you will also breathe easy and will be less stressed.

If you go to work, stay away from the kids

I know how hard this is, practically impossible, but if you can demarcate a separate room for yourself and avoid physical touch with the kids and the parents.

Get some Indoor games for the kids

Indoor games are a fun family activity and will help your kids to spend some good fun time at home.

If your kids are a little older you can try getting some educational toys for them.

If you have to take your kids for a stroll out take proper precautions

Although not advisable but if you have to take your kid out to play do take proper precautions such as wearing masks and sanitiser etc.

Kids generally don’t like masks and will take them off if they are not comfortable. Try getting a right-sized kid mask so the kids wear it as a fun thing.

Do not let strangers come near your kids and try and choose a time when there are minimum people outside.

Try getting a musical instrument for your kids if they are older

Musical instruments are a great time pass and a hobby for some kids. Use this time to get them to learn the basics of an instrument with the help of multiple youtube videos available online.

In the end I would wish good health and safe times to anyone who is reading.

Don’t be hesitant to share a word with me if you have something to say on how you are coping up.

I hope this damn covid virus gets destroyed soon.

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  1. Very nice and helpful blog 👌… have really shown the practical part of COVID19 on kids and how we have to be careful while being around them.

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