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What is a Rechargeable fan ?

A rechargeable fan is a fan that runs on batteries instead of electricity. These batteries can be recharged thus the fan need not be limited to one point.

Rechargeable fan batteries can be recharged by solar power or through rechargeable batteries that get charged via a USB.

Benefits of a rechargeable fan

There are many benefits of a rechargeable fan.

You can place a rechargeable fan at any location without having to worry about the length of the wire.

Power outage is quite a common phenomenon in summers in many parts of India. A rechargeable fan provides relief in such circumstances.

A rechargeable fan is also quite useful when traveling. You could be traveling outdoor or on a train, and a rechargeable fan will help you beat the summers.

The monopoly of Chinese in the electronic segment

As you might be aware Indian electronic market Is flooded with cheap Chinese products. If you look at rechargeable fans on any E-Commerce portal such as Amazon or Flipkart, 90% of the products will be Chinese.

As a matter of principle, I avoid writing about Chinese products because Chinese products are superficial, and I have not had a good experience with Chinese products. Also, I want to promote Indian products which are much better in quality even though they might be a little costlier. I request all my readers to avoid buying Chinese products.

For this blog, I have chosen the best Indian rechargeable fan. I had to spend a lot of time finding these fans because many companies list the country of origin as India, but they actually import and repackage the product here.

These fans are much better in quality than a Chinese alternative you will find on Amazon.

Indian Rechargeable fans


91lUKlO0BLL. SL1500 Top 6 Rechargeable Fan

Bajaj is a trusted Indian brand. Bajaj has a wide range of electronic products and fans are just one part of the portfolio. You can take a look at the complete Bajaj Store here.

The Bajaj Pygmy Mini is a small personal fan. The fan speed is quite high and it comes with a multi clip function that allows the fan to be fixed to the wall or a table.

The Bajaj Pygmy comes in multiple attractive colours. The fan has a lithium ion battery that allows a pretty decent four hour battery backup.

There are 3 speed levels in the fan and the speed is quite high. The Bajaj pygmy has a high speed and high thrust operation.

The Bajaj pygmy can be charged with existing power cable.

The dimensions of the fan are 158 L x 95 W x 204 H MM. It is quite useful for one person during a power cut.

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2. Havells Cool Buddy 144 mm Personal Fan (White)

71fEMyxCiHL. SL1500 Top 6 Rechargeable Fan

People who read my blog regularly know that Havells is my favourite Indian brand.

I have been using multiple havell’s product for a long time and I have been very happy with the results.

The Havell’s Cool Buddy personal rechargeable fan is one of the best rechargeable fans in the market today.

It is a 144 m diameter fan and is quite powerful for its size. It is a portable fan and you can carry it anywhere with you.

A single charge will last you approximately 4 to 10 hours depending on the speed mode you have chosen. This fan is a high speed fan so you can be rest asssured that air flow is not a problem.

Havell’s coolbuddy rechargeable fan comes with a 2 year warranty. It can be charged with a USB cable and has LED indicators that indiacate the speed level.

The Havells coolbuddy is a versatile personal fan that can fit even in a small space. It is a good product you should check it out.

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3. Havells Mini Kool Mate 200mm Personal Fan (White)

71QoCnx8siL. SL1500 Top 6 Rechargeable Fan

Havells Mini Kool Mate 200mm Personal Fan is the best rechargeable fan in the market by a long stretch.

It is a powerful fan that can rival a traditional fan anyday. The sweep size of the fan is 200 mm. It is portable and can be carried anywhere. It can oscillate 360 degrees and has multi oscilation angles.

As you can see from the images above Havells Mini Kool Mate 200mm Personal Fan has push button switches with LED indicators.

This fan comes with a 2 year comprehensive warranty.

The fan has 3 speed modes and is reasonable quiet even at maximum speed.

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4. Prabha Solar 15W 16-inch AC/DC Rechargeable Table Fan Inbuilt LED Light with 12V Battery with Oscillation (White)

41VQUYJMvuL Top 6 Rechargeable Fan
  • Related Current: – 1-7-2AMP, Input Voltage: – 12VC, Inbuilt 12V Battery, with Oscillation
  • Available in: – 12W-15W, Easy to Handle, Elegant Look, Inbuilt LED Light
  • Easy to Handle, Heavy Powder Coated Grill, USB Cable Port for Mobile Charger
  • ABS Plastic Material, Can Operate by Solar Module
  • For general general use in Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Offices and Home

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5. Rico Rechargeable table fan with built in battery |12 inches | Japanese Technology | with Oscillation swing for bedroom or study room |Big size for home office| High speed| with built in rechargeable battery for home & office

61ZegajHlkL. SL1001 Top 6 Rechargeable Fan
  • Premium and high quality Rechargeable battery Table Fan with Japanese Quick charge technology which works on both electricity and battery . NO 1 Quality Compared to any brand. Battery is 3 times more powerful, efficient and long which is best for Home and Office use
  • Two powerful speed settings, Oscillation for wide coverage area and great cooling with multi angle tilting. Tilt-adjustable head allows you to direct airflow wherever you want it
  • Portable, lightweight design . Can easily go for 4 hours on low speed and 2 hours on high speed. Comes with built-in power cable and plug to give the power supply and can be placed inside or outside. Weight : 2500 gm
  • The battery is Maintenance free. Convenient Hanger for easy grip and easy usage. Air for Everyone:-We pledge to provide air for everyone with Deep discharge & Overcharge protection to save electricity and time rechargeable fan portable.

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6. BALIRAJA Strong Airflow with 3 Speeds, Quiet Operation, Portable USB Desk Table Rechargeable Fan with Battery Operated 4-10 Running Hours, Side Light for Camping, Travel, Home, Office, Outdoor (White)

61YI cITqgL. SL1080 Top 6 Rechargeable Fan
  • This 7 inch cooling fan will definitely stand out among those desk fans. Brushless motor reduces the noise so that the fan works quietly even on a high speed. Perfect for home and office use.
  • With high-quality motor, the maximum fan speed can reaches to 2100 rpm for only having 3 fan blades. Great for air circulation and ventilation.
  • With high-quality motor, 3 speeds, it circulates a lot of air for only having 3 Fan Blades. It not only offers cool wind, but also helps air circulation and ventilation.
  • This battery USB fan can be powered by two replaceable and rechargeable 2000mAh (Total 4000mAh) 18650 batteries ( INCLUDED ).
  • The batteries can last 5~17 hours depending on different speeds. Also, this fan can be powered by USB Cable(Included). When using the Micro USB input, this fan can be powered by PC / Notebook, power bank, car charger, phone charger, 5V DC wall charger, etc. What’s more, the desk fan itself can be used as a power bank to charge your cellphone.
  • This white desk fan can swivel up and down to 120 degrees.

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All the fans listed above are good quality Indian made rechargeable fans. You should definitely consider Indian brands while making a purchase anywhere.

I hope you liked this post about the rechargeable fans.