Understand your child’s strength.

crane5 Understand your child's strength.

Every parent needs to understand their child’s strength in order to help them to become better human beings.

An ancient Indian sage Charaka, the most important contributor to the ancient art and science of Ayurveda – An ancient Indian system of medicine and lifestyle, said there is no plant in this world that is useless.

Every plant has a quality inside it.

Now, if every plant has a quality inside it how is it possible that you or your kid as a human, the most evolved species of all, do not have a unique quality.

The important thing for everyone is to find that quality and work on it.  

We wrote the above paragraph in order to emphasise the need to identify child’s skills or unique qualities.

While it may be difficult to do so when the kid is very young, it is definitely important to do so once he grows up. 

The purpose of this post is to exhort all parents reading this blog to spend time in understanding their Childs‘strengths.

Very often, parents get scared that their child scores low in mathematics or science and then they devote all their attention towards improving that particular aspect of the child.

We forget to realise that the child may not be interested in science or mathematics but in music.

So, should we identify music as a child’s skill or math in which he is not interested?

We are no experts and there may be many different cases but we feel this is a question worth asking. 

What to do next?

Once you’ve identified the interests or the skill of the child the obvious question one should ask is what next?

Where to go from here on? Lets’ discuss a few things that, you as a parent, can do to enhance and encourage the child’s skills.  

Buy Books

Books are the greatest teachers. They let the kids learn at their own pace. Parents need to encourage the kids to read and imbibe knowledge.

Once you’ve identified the intrinsic skill/quality of your child gift them books related to the topic and help them learn from other’s experience.

Books are the best gift you can give. 

Buy Educational Toys

Educational toys are available easily all over the internet.

These toys can be used to develop physical, mental, language and cognitive skills. 

The right toy in the hand of the right child can be very useful and teach the specific skill easily. 


These could be musical instruments, sports equipment etc.

Buy the kids the right instruments for their age and interest and see them learn quickly.

For example, if a child is musically inclined then a musical instrument like a piano could be a perfect gift.  

Discuss, communicate and encourage 

You can be a mentor and a guide for your kids.

Talk to them about their interests, guide them on the right path and help them get to their destination.

Give them ideas; make them All you need to do is understand their special skills.

We adults often underestimate the importance of a good conversation but children don’t. 

Imagine, how great it would be if the kids could be in an environment where they are understood and encouraged to work according to their strengths.

Modern education system instead focuses on improving the weak areas instead. 

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