Water Purifier Master Price List India (2022)

This master water purifier price list is a master sheet for all the major water purifier brands and their latest models.

Water Purifier Master Price List India (2021)

Aquaguard water purifier price list 2021

Aquaguard Water PurifierPrice
1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura16499
2. Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier13499
3. Aquaguard Deluxe Water Purifier7999
4. AquaSure From Aquaguard Amaze9299
5. AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight9299
6. AquaSure from Aquaguard Aquaflo5490
7. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Ivory11499
8. Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard9600
9. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Blaze21500
10. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Ritz20999
Aquaguard Water Purifier Price List 2021

Pureit water purifier price list

Pureit Water PurifierPrice
1. HUL Pureit Eco13999
2. HUL Pureit Ultima15499
3. HUL Pureit Copper19799
4. HUL Pureit RO+MF7790
5. HUL Pureit Advanced Plus7699
6. HUL Pureit Marvella G27704
7. HUL Pureit Classic G211440
8. HUL Pureit Marvella13099
9. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro10500
10. HUL Pureit Classic7699
Pureit water purifier price list

Blue star water purifier hot and cold price list

1. Blue Star Excella 9599
2. Blue Star Opulus 12499
3. Blue Star Eleanor 12990
4. Blue Star Hot and cold water dispenser8500
5. Blue Star Aristo9599
6. BLUE STAR RO+UV with Atb9299
7. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV20500
8. Blue Star Model SDLX240 26690
9. Blue Star Majesto MA4WBAM0113599
10. Blue Star Eleanor14249
11. Blue Star Stella29499
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Kent water purifier price list

1. KENT Supreme 202012999
2. Kent Elegant Lite10250
3. Kent Elegant (11097)10750
4. KENT Grand+ ZWW16930
5. KENT Excell Under the counter 17899
6. KENT Grand12999
7. KENT Pearl 16589
8. KENT Prime Plus 17500
9. KENT Super Plus 13069
10. KENT Grand Star RO18000
11. KENT Pride TC 12332
12. Kent Pride Plus14290
13. KENT Superb RO23000
14. KENT Grand 8-Litre17000
15. KENT Maxx 7-Litres7850
16. Kent Sterling Plus Under The Sink 17300
17. KENT Gold 20-Litres2449
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Livpure water purifier price list

1. Livpure Glo RO+UV 9499
2. Livpure Glo Lite 7999
3. Livpure Glitz Silver RO 10073
4. 4. LIVPURE PEP Star14450
5. Livpure Zinger low water wastage15890
6. Livpure LIV-BOLT+COPPER13048
7. Livpure Zinger White DX16590
8. Livpure Platino Plus18490
9. Livpure Bolt DX12750
10. Livpure Glitz DX6499
11. Livpure  Envy Plus RO16460
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V-Guard water purifier price list

1. V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB 9894
2. V-Guard Rejive RO+UV+MIN 10999
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Dr aquaguard water purifier price list

1. Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ UV Water Purifier 10300
2. Dr. Aquaguard Geneus+ Water Purifier 22479
3. Dr. Aquaguard Eureka Forbes Magna NXT 19560
4. Dr. Aquaguard Classic Water Purifier 9750
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Tata water purifier price list

1. Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-Litre 9599
2. Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based 1300
3. TATA Swach Cristella Advance Blue 2175
4. Tata Swach Desire2558
5.Tata Swach stainless steel 20 L2499
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Zero B water purifier price list

1. Zero B Wave+ Reverse Osmosis Purifier – 7L 14040
2. Zero B Eco RO20190
3. Zero B Kitchenmate RO22050
4. Zero B UV Grande ESS8991
5. Zero B Kitchenmate15750
6. Zero B Kitchen Mate Pro8991
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