Who’s the Angry Baby?

alexander dummer Em8I8Z DwA4 unsplash Who's the Angry Baby?

I am writing this post today because I faced the wrath of my angry baby just a couple of hours ago.

I have been spending more time with my baby due to the COVID-19 lockdown and I am learning new things about him every day.

Things that i would have missed but for the lock down.

I have a 7 month old baby boy and he has been an absolute angel and a joy to be with.

He sleeps on time, rarely cries and smiles frequently.

Then, he turned six.

I have seen sudden changes in him after his sixth birthday and I now notice that he has started getting angry.

Here are a few reasons for my baby to get angry:

  • Sleepy
  • Very hungry
  • He has not passed stool for a day
  • Can not despite his best effort roll onto his side
  • Can not reach his favourite toy

Although my son is an easygoing child and does not get angry often, It is definitely a sight when a cute angry baby cries and you have to handle him.

Not all babies are same and some are more spirited than others. Some get angry more often and some don’t.

I think boy babies cry a little less than girl babies. I have noticed it a few times. Not sure though.

ryan franco XECZHb6NoFo unsplash Who's the Angry Baby?
Angry Baby

Here’s how I try and pacify my angry baby:

1. Talk To baby in neutral words

Develop a language with your baby. Whenever he’s angry, say something like who’s the angry baby?

Baby will pick on this and know that you know the baby’s angry.

Using neutral words will also make you feel good about yourself and you will not panic with the angry baby in your lap.

2. Pick baby up when he cries

Whenever the baby’s is crying or is visibly angry because he does not like laying on the bed, pick her up.

If you don’t some babies will just keep on crying until they get their way.

You will pick them up anyway so why not early. They won’t develop the habit of crying loud.

3. Nip the problem in the bud- Distract the baby

Distraction works best with an angry baby

This is my favorite strategy against the angry baby.

For example, my baby really likes rattles and cardboard boxes so whenever he gets angry I put his favourite cardboard box in front of him.

He is outgrowing his rattle I think but for now I think the rattle works.

4. Read the signals, maybe the baby is hungry

One major reason for a baby to be angry or irritated is hunger.

If the baby is hungry, he will be angry.

A hungry baby is an angry baby

I have noticed a remarkable change in mood of the baby after he has been fed.

Once the baby has had his milk, he is all smiles and in an incredibly good mood.

He rolls and laughs and plays. Bliss.

5. Remove things you don’t want the baby to touch

Babies are extremely curious about new things and like to touch everything after a certain age.

For my baby, this phase started around 6 and a half months of age. He started grabbing the TV remote, Mobile chargers and his toys.

If the baby can’t reach the things he sees and wants he will generally get irritated and might cry.

For example, My baby really likes wires for some strange reason.

As soon as he sees a wire he will try to reach for it. Once he reaches the wire he will try to put it in his mouth.

Try to remove from sight things that you don’t want your baby to handle.

6. Hand over to Mommy

This is the Brahmastra although I strongly advise against it.

Babies have special affection with their mothers. If they are crying and you hand them over to their mom, they will stop crying and will smile at you from your wife’s lap.

I advise against it because you will lose bragging rights and the wife thinks you are no good with the baby :)

Finally, If you didn’t like any of my suggestions above, watch this video below. 41 million people have watched it, 393k people like it. Surely, you will find it of some value ;)


Each baby is different but through this post, I have tried to suggest some simple methods to calm down your baby.

Hope you like this post and use it to understand your child’s behaviour.

Happy Parenting. :)

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