Top Wooden Toys By Indian Companies

Wooden toys instantly take me back to mhy childhood.

I remember playing with wooden cars and blocks when I was very young. not sure if others have the same experience but I believe wooden toys are nostalgic.

In this post I have listed some of my favourite wooden toys from indian companies.

I have decided to support Indian companies because we feel the quality of products from Indian companies is 100 times better than cheap Chinese products.

Wooden toys is one segment where Indian companies offer great products.

Wooden toys are safe, inexpensive and durable. Read Wooden toys Vs Plastic toys for kids to find some great benefits of wooden toys.

I also found this blog post extremely informative regarding wooden toys.

I remember playing with a wooden Latoo during my childhood and it is one of my fondest memories.

Generally, wooden toys have been painted with natural dyes and are completely safe for your kids.

But still read the product description of the product that you are buying.

Want to hear more? They are fair trade products and are made in India.

I think these are reasons enough for our readers to know about these products. So here goes our list:

1. Handcrafted Wooden Spinning Tops

Wooden Latoo from Maya Organic

This set of 4 tops has Finger Top, Flip Top, String Top & a Spindle Top.

The product has multiple customer reviews on Amazon and all the reviews are favorable.

We encourage you to check it out. It is a Fair Trade Product

This is a great value for money wooden toy for your kids.   

2. Shumee Wooden Toys- Musical push walker

Shumee Wooden Musical Push Walker

This incredibly cute push toy will become your child’s favorite toy in no time.

The innocent smile of this toy will win your heart.

Like all the other products from this company the reviews for this product are great.

This toy could quite possibly be the cutest toy you will see today.

I definitely think so. 

3. Shumee Finger Tops

wooden toys
Set of Three Shumee Wooden Tops

We have already listed a set of four tops above but this one we want to list because of the simplicity and the memories that this set brings.

There are 3 tops so that even if your little one loses one, (which he would) there’s a spare.

The whole family could have a competition on whose tops spin the longest. 

4.Tuttu Turtle

wooden toys
Tutu Turtle

This wooden pull toy with rotating balls will definitely capture the eyes of everyone who sees it.

This turtle comes in four different colours and you can choose your kids favourite colour.

This is a fantastic value for money wooden toy.

5.Wooden Push Toy – Vroom

wooden toys
Vroom Car

Almost every kid has a car, a plastic one most likely but this is one wooden toy that you must buy for your kid.

Be wise and add this wooden push car to your kids collection on our recommendation.

This Vroom wooden push toy not just looks good, but is also a safe toy like all the other toys listed above.

6. Shumee Wooden Rocking Horse- Balance & Coordination Skills

Shumee Wooden Rocking Horse
  • Shumee is a fantastic Indian brand that makes very good quality baby toys
  • Remembere Lakdi ki kathi, kathi pe ghoda ? This woodn horse can give your baby a fantastic experience
  • This wooden horse toy has a PERFECT 5 star rating on Amazon
  • Suitable for kids aged 1 year and above
  • This wooden horse is perfect for coordination skills, balance, strength, creativity, imagination and role playing

7. Shumee Farm-Glen Card Game (3 Years+) – Animals & Sounds

Shumee Farm-Glen Card Game (3 Years+) – Animals & Sounds
  • There are 52 snap cards in this game
  • Ideal playing age 3+
  • Your kids will learn animals and the readout sounds
  • Made up of 100% natural materials. No plastic.
  • Carry these cards anywhere on your family trips

8. Shumee Wooden Toys- 3D Shape & Number Sorting Clock Puzzle

Shumee Wooden 3D Shape & Number Sorting Clock Puzzle
  • A very cool 3 in 1 wooden shape & number sorting clock puzzle
  • Ideal for 3 years plus kids
  • Moving hands and numbered grids
  • Made up of 100% natural eco-friendly, high-quality wood
  • Kids learn multiple learnings things with this clock- How to read time, shapes and numbers.

9. Shumee Wooden Butterfly Balance Board for Kids

Shumee Wooden Butterfly Balance Board for Kids
  • This is a very popular open-ended toy
  • Balance and wobble with this beautiful toy
  • Ideal for 3+ Age
  • Made from Pine and Plywood
  • This toy will last a long time and will never get boring

10. Shumee Wooden Number & Shape Sorting House

wooden toys
Shumee Wooden Number & Shape Sorting House (1.5 Years+) | Educational Toy | Addition, Subtraction & Time-Telling
  • This is a multi-purpose Tool/Toys for your kids
  • Teach your kids numbers and shapes with this wonderful toy
  • Encourage creativity, problem solving and sensory skills
  • Completely safe for your kids

11.Shumee Wooden 40+ Pieces DIY Build A Chair Tools Set

wooden toys
Shumee Wooden 40+ Pieces DIY Build A Chair Tools Set
  • This DIY toolset has 40 Pieces
  • Inculcate a spirit of problem-solving and do it yourself in your kids with this Wonderful toy
  • Made with 100% safe wood
  • Screwdriver, hammer, spanner- Give your kids the confidence to work with tools

12. Shumee Wooden 3-in-1 Pull-Along Musical Animal Toys Sorting Truck

wooden toys
Shumee Wooden 40+ Pieces DIY Build A Chair Tools Set
  • This toy is suitable for 3 years plus kids
  • 3 in 1 wooden musical toy is a perfect gift for kids
  • This toy will help in reducing screen time for kids
  • Kids can create music with this toy as it has a xylophone
  • Stimulates active engagement & curiosity

13. Shumee wooden toys- musical push walker

wooden toys
Shumee wooden musical push walker
  • Wooden Musical push walker is perfect for kids who are starting to learn to walk
  • Suitable for Ages 1+
  • Antiskid push wlker has multiple features- Xylophone, Clock, Grooves, bead maze etc
  • This is a value for money toy

14. Shumee wooden toys3-in-1 Double Sided Table Top Easel

wooden toys
Shumee Wooden 3-in-1 Double Sided Table Top Easel
  • This wooden easel is perfect for your little artist
  • Your child can Draw, Write and paint with this
  • Chalk Board,White board,25 big white sheets,1 clip,1 duster,1 chalk, 1 whiteboard marker
  • This is a perfect gift for kids because it will help them express themselves and save your walls !
  • A verynice product. Highly recopmmended.

We urge our readers to support companies such as Shumee and support their philosophy of toy making. 

These are Indian companies and as compared to the chinese products available online, indian products are better in quality and safety.

As always, let us know what you thought of the article by commenting below. 

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